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Events Calendar - August 18, 2005
Mix Thursday: Endo, Fiend, Mister Mostest, Dee Bass, Doc G. Funk [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Aug 18, 2005 @ 12:00am
Description:DJ Endo (Blessed Breaks, WRUV FM, [ www.djendo.com ]
Location: Vermont / Boston, USA

Bio: Rising to the top of the industry in the American breaks scene,
DJ Endo has been destroying every dance floor in his path with his
signature "Heavy Metal Breakz" sound. Endo, along with the rest of
the Blessed Breaks collective has been keeping the breaks scene going
strong in Vermont, hosting "Blessed Breaks" that has featured some of
the top breakbeat acts in the world such as Aquasky, Nubreed,
Influenza, SOTEG, DJ Quest, Baobinga, and 30 Hz. You
can catch Endo rocking the airwaves every Monday Afternoon with his
weekly radio show and webcast, "Hit The Breakz" on 90.1 WRUV FM. Mike
Henderson aka Endo is now going to school at Berklee College of Music,
mastering in Music Synthesis and Music Production, and is ready to
Skool Montreal with a special Final Scratch 2 set, Endo style!

FIEND (moog audio / empire)
MISTER MOSTEST [ www.kopscrew.com ]
DEE BASS [ www.globalmastermindz.com ]
and introducing... DOC G FUNK
Room 1:
Endo (USA, Massachusetts, Boston) - www.djendo.com
Fiend (USA, California, San Francisco)
Dee Bass - www.globalmastermindz.com - GMU, ibreaks
Doc G Funk
Mister Mostest
Info:Mix Thursday is a joint venture involving members from:

global mastermindz (GMU)
DNA records
level 4 productions
broken crew
musique risquee
moog audio
kops crew
[ www.indajungle.com ]
women on wax
no commercial value (NCV)
[ www.froglandbreakers.com ]
urban knowledge 514
[ www.montrealelectro.com ]
beat concierge
[ www.rave.ca ]
[ mtldnb.com ]
... and much more
Extras:free before midnight
4 bucks after
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Events Calendar - August 18, 2005
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