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Events Calendar - February 25, 2004
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City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Wed Feb 25, 2004 @ 12:00am
Description:A night of visuals and music inspired from Canada's Left Coast - recent Montreal emigres and former Vancouverites DJ Noah Pred, VJ chanti/lotuslab and VJ cousinchang anchor this mix session of organic imagery and progressive tech-house sounds. Visuals are to be an eclectic mix of original footage (sans graphic elements), invoking the Left Coast's flavor of physical movement and space, landscapes as mindscapes, and the pioneer spirit from the rockies to the great plains. Representing Montreal's internationally-acclaimed Consigned Recordings, Noah Pred is set to create a lush musical backdrop that mirrors the multicultural wilderness of the increasingly high-tech West Coast and environs. Open to other Left Coasters by appointment.

DJ Noah Pred

Hailing from Canada's West Coast, Noah Pred emerged from Vancouver's underground as a sought-after techno DJ with a sophisticated sound and unique style. Producing techno, house and electro and performing live for over seven years, he eventually relocated to Montreal to continue his study of electronic music. After touring through Europe and North America, his productions have been released on numerous international record labels.

VJ cousinchang

An honourary member of the Kim / Cook Korean clans of

Western Canada, cousinchang is a documentary film-maker having plied his trade, in various capacities, for such as broadcasters as CBC, CTV, TVOntario, SCN, PBS, Pathe! France, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and MuchMusic. cousinchang has worked in both film and video mediums, with a visual predilection towards pristine original cinematography and obscure archival footage. cousinchang's recent documentary endeavours have involved the disparate topics of the Korean War, Mars and the JFK assassination.

VJ chanti

Originally from Vancouver, Chanti Wadge is an eclectic interdisciplinary creator working as a dancer(Van Grimde Corps Secrets, AhHa Productions) and choreographer, videographer/editor and conceptual installation artist. Across all fields, her work focuses on imminent and timeless human curiosities. Her recent video/performance "SAVE PROJECT AS” will be presented at MIT in Boston, 2004. Her interest in projection is in “designing sentience” through the construction of audio-visual narratives and immersive environments which has led to the recent creation of unique interactive video installation, PalmPilot (Mai, Montreal 2003).

Room 1:
Tobias (Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver)
Noah Pred - www.synapsedesign.ca - Consigned / Immigrant
The Mole - Starbass, Mutek, Starchy Root Ma
Info:Stations d'improvisation vidéo et musicale . Un lieu de convergence et d’expérimentation autour de la production d’images vidéo et de musique en temps réel pour le développement et la promotion de la scène VJ et MUSICALE à Montréal. Dès 19 h. - Live Video and Music improvisation. For the development and the promotion of musical and visual scene in Montreal. Starting at 7 p.m.

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Events Calendar - February 25, 2004
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» nter said @ Thu Feb 26, 2004 @ 4:25pm
noah pred is fukken sick