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Events Calendar - August 30, 2003
J'aime Neon. [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Aug 30, 2003 @ 12:00am
I Love Neon
Description:Neon began as a concept in late 1997 at DNA Records where John & Tiga worked, ordering & selling techno & electro from the likes of Dopplereffekt, The Advent, Anthony Rother & the Hacker. Electro had existed as a musical genre since day one, but hadn’t really stepped up to the limelight like it’s most current incarnation, & important labels like Gigolo & Montreal’s own Turbo Recordings were still in their infancy. DNA was looking for a weekly venue to house their eclectic mix of musical tastes, so along with long time partner & friend Justin, John & Tiga began to look for the perfect club night, one that would showcase minimal techno/house & electro. The challenge was that Techno was getting a little boring, everything seemed to lack character, after-hours clubs were dull & people weren’t partying anymore. The new DNA club night was to showcase a sound that had the hard edge of techno, mixed with the crossover potential of pop & punk, something people could really have fun listening too. The first round of club nights were called Cobra, their were only 4 Cobra events in all, all four featured Tiga & Thomas as the DJs & John as the Host, the events were a success, but never really settled in to a permanent home until finally Justin locked down the now defunct Jai bar as a weekly venue. Justin came up with the name NEON, & the night began week after week & the following began to grow. Eventually NEON would outgrow Jai & move in to a bigger & more creative space, the S.A.T & would launch the first in a series of nights dedicated to alternative electronics. The first event was to celebrate Tiga’s MIX CD, “American Gigolo” and was a huge success, drawing a total of 600 people & has gone down in history as one of Montreal’s most memorable party moments.
NEON would later book the likes of Miss Kitten & The Hacker, Crossover, FPU, Zyntherius, Black Strobe, Martini Bros & draw over capacity crowds to all of it’s events.


All of the NEON events have existed without any corporate sponsorship & have eluded all politics that surround usual club nights, there are no door people who choose who gets in & there are no bouncers guarding the DJ booth & VIP area, crowds are respected & they show respect back.
NEON is a collective of designers, musicians & artists, not promoters.

1999- NEON (DJ Hell) at Jai bar
2000- NEON (Jori Hulkonnen AKA Zyntherius) at Jai bar
2001- ILOVENEON 1 (Tiga + Vitalic LIVE) at the SAT
2002- ILOVENEON 2 (Tiga + Miss Kitten & the Hacker LIVE) at the SAT
2002- ILOVENEON 3 (Tiga & Zyntherius + Crossover LIVE) at the SAT
2002- NEON LOVE 1 (Mark Dillon) at Mile End
2002- NEON LOVE 2 (Martini Bros LIVE + DJ Cle + Mark Dillon) at Mile End
2002- NEON LOVE 3 (Tiga) - free-All night at Mile End
2002- NEON STREET (DJ unknown of FISHERSPOONER & NITE DOGG) outdoors
2003- ILOVENEON 5 (Tiga k7 CD launch party, DJ Kicks) at Mile End
2003- I LOVE NEON 6 (Tiga,Black Strobe, & Evening LIVE @ USINE C
2003- NEON LOVE4 (Tiga Vs Richie Hawtin @ Mile End)
Info:Listen (streaming or download) to I LOVE NEON LIVE CD1 RECORDED LIVE featuring Tiga & Zyntherius 2002 on [ www.iloveneon.ca ]
Extras:pre-sale starting around the 15th of august at dna records, eskimo clothing. likely to be around 15-20$
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Events Calendar - August 30, 2003
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