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Events Calendar - June 8, 2002
Groove Attack [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Time:Sat Jun 8, 2002 @ 12:00am
Promoter:Phlux productions
Location:Niagara falls convention and civic center
Description:All Ages event
Infoline: (713) 743-3379
Room 1:
Annalyze (Canada, Alberta, Rochester)
Bsmoke (Canada, Alberta, Buffalo)
Casper (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
Christopher Lawrence (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
D-Logik (Canada, Alberta, Buffalo)
Decepticon (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Deny (Canada, Alberta, Rochester)
Donald Claude (USA, Washington, Seattle)
Entsounds (Canada, Ontario, Niagara Falls)
Grimace (Canada, Ontario, Niagara Falls)
Jelo (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Jon Juan Mc (Canada, Alberta, Rochester)
Josh "The Funky 1" (USA, Illinois, Chicago)
Kandall (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
Madame Zu (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
Mc Jumper (Canada, Ontario, Niagara Falls)
Mc Skibadee (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
Micro (USA, Iowa, New York)
Paradigm (Canada, New Brunswick, New Jersey)
Simply Jeff (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
Small Children (Canada, Ontario, Niagara Falls)
SS (United Kingdom, London, London)
T-1000 (USA, Alabama, Detroit)
The Computer Club (Canada, Ontario, Niagara Falls)
The Gerbil (Canada, Ontario, Niagara Falls)
The Puppet Master (Canada, Alberta, Buffalo)
Viceroy (Canada, Alberta, Buffalo)
Winter (Canada, Ontario, Niagara Falls)
Xotec (Canada, Alberta, Buffalo)
Extras:30$ Until april 20th
35$ april 21st until june 7th
40$ day of event
Available at all ticker master outlets or online at [ www.ticketmaster.com ]
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Events Calendar - June 8, 2002
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