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Events Calendar - November 9, 2006
Gamma 01 :: Audio Feed [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Nov 9, 2006 @ 9:00pm till Thu Nov 9, 2006 @ 3:00am
Description:The SAT, Arcadia festival and Kokoromi collective, a small group of Montreal based developpers join forces to offer GAMMA 01 :: Audio Feed - Thursday, November 9 - 9pm to 3 am - $8 presale - $10 at the door

The collective's goal is threefold: to create small experimental games, to encourage creative games industry-wide, and to promote these games as an art form, here in Montreal..

To celebrate the first ever edition, we invite you to join us at the SAT for an audiovisual extravaganza orchestrated by Jan Pienkowski (live), Taxi Nouveau (DJ set & Gameboy set) & DJ Guapo (DJ set). The games will be displayed all evening on 6 giant screens and YOU will be holding the joysticks!

Jan Pienkowski:
A composer, musician, sound designer, DJ and physicist, Jan Pienkowski writes and performs music reflecting his diverse background. From his Electroacoustic training and love of World Music comes a mixture of mechanical bleeps, acoustic spaces and ethnic themes. From his theatre (DIALOG) and dance (A.R.M. with choreographer Nikolas Dixon) experience comes a flair for the dramatic and a feel for intricate rhythms. Add an underpinning of techno and electro to the mix, and you will begin to hear his sonic blend.

Taxi Nouveau:
The man behind Taxi Nouveau is Manuel Chantre, composer, DJ and sound designer. Driving from electro, IDM and 8 bits music, he is going somewhere you never went. Some pieces were played on independent radios. For this show, he will play his new DJ set and some Gameboy performances. Be ready for some off road!

DJ Guapo:
Since 1997, Simon Wayland aka DJ Guapo, excites his crouds with his musical exotism mixing Latin House, Brazilian, Tribal House and Dancehall Reggae. Adding filters and sound effects to his pieces, he easily creates torrid musical ambiances keeping no one appart. Known for his various styles - Breakbeat - House - Electro - Drum'n Bass - Raga Dub, DJ Guapo cumulates sucess, notably for his numerous remixes produced for EMI labeled bands.
Room 1:
21:15 Guapo - www.myspace.com - Finite Records
23:00 Jan Pienkowski - www.onorecords.com - Ono Records
Taxi Nouveau - www.myspace.com - Audio Nouveau, Ego Twister, Musi
Tickets:10.00 - $8 pre-sale
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Events Calendar - November 9, 2006
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» Kasirak said @ Wed Nov 8, 2006 @ 7:02pm
I might be there for the first part (after MIGS), but I'll miss the sets in the end. There's also an electro set at Arcadia on Friday and Saturday during the day for those interested in Computer Game Electro.