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Events Calendar - January 10, 2010
Freedembass Xii [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sun Jan 10, 2010 @ 10:00pm till Mon Jan 11, 2010 @ 3:00am
Description:Lawless Productions brings you...


The first get-down of 2010!!!

This month I am mad stoked to be bringing you one of the West Coast's finest dub-slinging badmen, recently moved to the 514...

DJ Jacob Cino (Third Eye Tribe) - Van

DJ Jacob Cino, produces and Emcees with the heavy Bass sets. The pulse is established in the poly rhythmic styles of dancehall and breakbeats and then live interaction is injected. Cino has made music for modern dance (link to dance page), film & TV [ www.thecorporation.com ] and worked with many international artist recorded and live.
His collaborations with a diverse array of artists represents both the sonic breadth of Cinos skills and his ability to speak different musical languages. He has co-written tracks with Kinnie Starr and Kevin Key (Skinny Puppy), has performed on records by King Kobb Steelie and Kinnie Starr, and has remixed tracks for numerous artists, including Bounty Hunta & The Mutineers (turning dancehall into jungle) and Che:Chapter 127 (turning hardcore into fierce drum n bass). Cinos own music is best represented through his powerful live sets. From illegal-parties in San Francisco and Los Angeles, to Folk Festivals in Vancouver and Whitehorse, from abandoned mansions in Belgium to pristine nightclubs in Norway, Cino has fulfilled his own prophecy of taking his music to the people.

Mad props to dis massifly talented soundbwoy... Get ready for something dark wild...


Special Guest
DJ Grand Mal - Mtl

Grand Mal is well known in the city not only for his diverse ability to bring anybody's ass to the dance floor, but also as a promoter and organizer. This massif music head has been responsible for some of Montreal's most ground-breaking shows, as well as being an influential member of the late and infamous KOPS crew. More recently tearing it apart at Il Motore, and Space Razer, spinning a wikid selection of Dub, Dancehall, Bass line, and Dubstep, Grand Mal is not afraid of bringing the audio-pain... but man, it hurts so good.


Residents Dig.It.Al:
Living Stone and Vipond

Holding it down every month... Both these wikid selectas are going away for the holidays, and will be fresh off huge gigs with Taal Mala, Sub Swara, Dubslingers, and New Years rave juice. Get ready to get blown far into the future with these next-wavers. Bass junkies guarnateed your fix.


tripuals by Simply Complicated

Always free! Always warm vibes and a packed dancefloor!
The second sunday of every month @ Blizzarts 3956a St-Lo.
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Events Calendar - January 10, 2010
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