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Events Calendar - September 22, 2010
Coresteppers V11.1: Rubber Muffin, C-Rat, Ninjah Fareye And More! [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Time:Wed Sep 22, 2010 @ 10:00pm till Thu Sep 23, 2010 @ 2:00am
Promoter:Bass Driven
Description:Bass Driven is proud to bring you: Coresteppers V11.1
Wednesday September 22nd
With: Rubber Muffin, Kyle Duffield, C-rat, Ninjah Fareye, The First Seed and Painguish.
@ Neu+ral 349a College st (Entrance on Augusta ave)
P.W.Y.C. 10pm-??? 19+
Room 1:
rubber muffin (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
Extras:Ninjah Fareye
[ soundcloud.com ]

In the distant future a lone ninja battle countless robotic motorcycle dinobears armed with guns that shoot explosive sharks with chainsaws for teeth.
This lone ninja is all that stands between the earth's survival and robotic chainsaw toothed sharky explosive disaster.
Leaping under the robotic corpse of his last victim the ninja ducks for cover in what spears to be an abandoned dump truck, but was in fact a time machine and the next thing he knew he was stuck here wondering what a flux capacitor is and what it has to do with saving the future.
**Ninjah Fareye's Birthday Bash!!**

Kyle Duffield
Video-music - A/V core
[ kyleduffield.com ]

Having traveled back in time to warn us of an impending robotic doom Kyle found himself stranded due to a faulty flux capacitor and a complete lack of flux technology in this time period. Frustrated with the limits of our primitive language he sought to communicate his needs and intentions with a powerful message from the future. The resulting broadcast was seen, heard and felt in the far corners of the globe.

Rubber Muffin (montreal)
[ myspace.com ]

An ancient barbarian warrior, fiercest in all his time. Brought to our present by mistake in a time travelers attempt to get him to a distant future where giant robot motorcycle dinobears rule the land. Having accessed our modern sound technology he has harnessed the battle rage & emotional turmoil of war to unleash a sonic assault. Now if they could just fix the time machine those robot dinobears would be toast!

[ myspace.com ]

One of modern times mightiest of warriors is but a humble street rat. A street rat with the insight to outwit and the skills to pay the bills. He can do more with one finger than most can with there whole body. Fierce and steadfast. Not someone a motorcycle dinobear would want to find in a dark alleyway.
He has felt the beacon. He has come to help the future.

The First Seed vs Painguish
Screaming Noisecore
[ myspace.com ]
[ soundclick.com ]

What people don't realize when they read the book of genesis is that the First seed of humankind did not perish like his children. He lived on, and on and on & on and & on etc... (and then some more) He watched every society rise and eventually fall. He has watched countless beautiful children grow old and die. He lives on and stores the sorrow for humankind and the rage of loss for the future robot dinosaur apocalypse.

Painguish: A creature of pure distilled pain and anguish molded into flesh. This chaotic entity has recently been tamed and harnessed by the First seed. Together this duo of destruction intend to win the future war against fiery sharky explosive death.

Come celebrate Ninjah Fareye's birthday by having entirely WAY too much fun!!
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Events Calendar - September 22, 2010
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