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Events Calendar - August 19, 2005
Big Al, Genie, Steven Caicedo, Nadir Agha [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Fri Aug 19, 2005 @ 10:00pm
Description:The Tube Presents..

BiG AL (Ready Mix Records, Burnin' up, Stereo, MTL)
Nadir Agha (Bound4Sound, MTL)
Genie (LSM Productions, Soundlab, DXB)
Steven Caicedo (Proton Radio, NYC)
Room 1:
Steven Caicedo (USA, Iowa, New York) - Readymix, Private Reality, Proto
Big Al - www.readymixrecords.com - Stereo Resident
Nadir Agha
Info:Nadir Agha,
21 year-old Pakistani, was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. He has always found passion in art, especially music and films. After exploring his talents as a DJ, producer, and an inspiring filmmaker, Nadir’s sound carries various funk-flavored elements of techno that is bounded by deep house, categorizing itself as “tech-house”. His narrative approach to his DJ sets under his ‘Ostrich’ moniker, allows his art to speak through music. He is now based in Montreal, Canada where he is pursuing a passion for music, alongside his studies in cinema.

Adel is a Montreal based DJ and producer, contributing to the underground garden of House Music in Canada. His wide variety of influences shapes his universal sound that unifies many cultures. He has been perfecting his craft for the past 11 years. A fan of house music since the early 80's, Big Al has rolled with the rhythm of changing trends and styles. He plays different styles of house deliciously blending them into danceable sets while his Lebanese roots charge them with percussions. He is also an entrepreneur as much as he is an artist, he co-owns and runs the Ready Mix Entertainment Group, which parents a record label, publishing company, production company, photography & design company and booking agency.

Steven Caicedo,
Steven's interest began when he bought his first pair of turntables after completing boot camp in the summer of 1997. Like many DJs, he taught himself how to spin records by watching and emulating the DJs he admired. Eventually, he developed a sound of his own, which he classifies as "deep house with a moody progressive edge". Steven grew up with his older brother, sister and Columbian born parents in Queens, New York. By age 16, he found himself sneaking out of his parent’s house eager to check out local DJs at Manhattan's infamous Tunnel nightclub, namely Danny Tenaglia. Little did he know that only five years later, he would fortuitously find himself inside the DJ booth of that very same club, playing his records and perhaps even influencing an upcoming generation of DJs. His live sets epitomize what Steven does best; creating and sculpting a particular atmosphere through his intricate mixes, rather than simply spinning one record after another, as many DJs have taken to doing. His mixing style is smooth, refined and focused, while never losing its momentum.


Moved to Montreal in 1999. There he would prove that in addition to his superb music skills, he is also a steadfast entrepreneur. He immediately coalesced with long time friends Djs Ali Ajami, Mike Daniel and Sari to play a fundamental role in bringing the progressive house sound to Montreal. Through their production company, Liquid State of Mind, Dj Genie would frequent leading venues in Montreal. But unmistakably, he would end up playing and securing a weekly residency at Jai Bar and monthly residencies at the world-renowned Sona and Stereo clubs. He would play alongside international talents such as Paul Van Dyk, Max Graham, Christopher Lawrence, and Chris Fortier. Montreal would become a burgeoning progressive dance hub.

Under the LSM umbrella, Dj Genie and his partners would then set up two record labels Chug Records and Opek Music. Dj Genie would head and lead A&R efforts for the labels. His vision is to provide the most passionate progressive music released by the most compassionate local and international talent. His formula is simple unyielding, timeless, and superbly produced progressive music. Their first release would sell out in its first week and get courted by the very same djs that inspired him ten years earlier.

The dance industry has become an ever-changing arena, but Dj Genie has gained all the tools to navigate it relentlessly. If you ever hear Dj Genie play, it truly sounds that he is playing directly to you. When he is playing, he has a terrific instinct on how and when to make his dancefloor flourish. His tribal infused aquatic sounds are distinctly progressive, uplifting, and soulful.
Extras:$5 a la porte / $5 at the door
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Events Calendar - August 19, 2005
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» Purple_Lee said @ Thu Aug 18, 2005 @ 5:55pm
BiG AL .....rocks heard many of his fine set's