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Events Calendar - September 9, 2010
All Girls: Drixel & Julie D @ Forward [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Sep 9, 2010 @ 10:00pm till Fri Sep 10, 2010 @ 3:00am
Description:Forward was established in the summer of 2008 as platform to promote underground electronic music, filling the absence of a weekly rendez-vous for the alternative club scene. Originally thought out to be a hosting ground for drum’n’bass, jungle, breaks and dubstep, Forward grew and evolved into a night made to showcase a wide array of genres and scenes working with a variety of different crews and artists such as Loetech, Sixtoo, DZ, Datsik, Spor and Plastician, to name a few.

All girls take over Forward

[ www.myspace.com ]

We love it when when djs step away from the ultra sectarianism of electronic music genres and open up to different styles to blend different sounds together. When Drixel asked what we wanted her to play we answered what we always answer, what ever your heart desires! What to expect? A mix of dnb, breaks and dubstep... and good fun.


Julie D
[ www.myspace.com ]

Beats and breaks, fat bass, a pulsating rythmn that demand attention. Julie D. plays Electro, Dubstep, HardTek and Breakcore Ragga Jungle. She defenelty has her own styles and a good reserve of suprises. Based in her home town of Montreal for the last 7 years, Julie has in the pass collaborated in the studio with Zimo et Ataka of HardTek/Drum'n Bass outfit Zone-33. Julie is also part of various collectives that organizes parties across Montreal. As well as keeping them on the dance floor at home, Julie has made a name for herself in Venezuela. She started her dj career in Amsterdam 15 years ago with Radical Rehousing who became Zilch and continue to this day as Input Records, now based in Barcelona. She has travelled Europe in her 40 year old German army Hanomag truck and played et many parties, overground and underground for many years. So enjoy the musik!!!

Read more: [ www.myspace.com ]



Rhys Taylor, a nightlife legend who has been playing alongside big names of the international electronic music scene in Montreal for almost 10 years now. Holding down "Your Radio is Broken" on CKUT for the past 5 years, throwing Mix Thursdays for almost 3 years, a residency at Blue Dog, Saphir and then Blizzarts with Broken Crew and bringing breaks to Stereo are a few of his accomplishments.

David Rawalia aka Wally, a dj who has been mastering his craft since 2003 and more recently producing his own unique sounds. After promoting rave culture and sound and organizing a multitude of one-off all-nighters, he moved on to the dubstep scene taking full-part in the forward weekly as well as participating in other events such as soma and bassdrive.


Passeport 2037 Saint-Denis

Come for the AC, stick around for dope tunes and cheap booze, before you know, it's 3 am and you're kindly being informed that you need to move your butt outside... aint that the meaning of Thursday?

3 b4 midnight 5$ after
Room 1:
Drixel - Jester Records
Julie D
Rhys Taylor
Wally - www.forwardmusicmontreal.com - Forward Music
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Events Calendar - September 9, 2010
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