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Events Calendar - August 19, 2005
Techno Church [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Time:Fri Aug 19, 2005 @ 10:00pm
Location:30 min outside Ottawa
Description:The dance is your ritual, the music is your mass and the DJ is your preacher.

On August 19th Revival takes you on a spiritual journey of mind, body and soul.
A night of ritual, dance, and pounding techno music located in the main hall of a FREAKING CHURCH.

Yes, that's right, Revival proudly presents:



[i]Blizzard Tracks, Nu Energy Collective, [ www.blizzardtracks.com ] - Freeform/Happy Hardcore/Hardcore [/i]

Coming from the cold and desolate prairies of Canada, The Blizzard Boys are THE name in Canadian Hardcore. Their releases have support from the biggest names in the industry, including the likes of Brisk, Kevin Energy, Sharky and countless others. They have tracks and remixes out on Bonkers, Nu Energy, Future Dance, Rave n' Beats, MasterWax, and their very own Blizzard Tracks, some of the biggest and most prestigious Hardcore labels in the world. If simply having these Canadian masters play for us wasn't enough, they'll also be bringing an extra treat! They'll be in the studio with S4 all week prior to the event and at Techno Church you'll all be the first to hear their latest upcoming release!

[b]WE 2 R ROBOT (UK/CAN)[/b]
[i]Gunz & Bombz Records, [ Teknoturtle.ca ] Moog Audio - LIVE Hard Techno PA! [/i]

UK techno legend of 20 years, DJ CQDX and one of Canada's top techno DJ/producers, DJ HASHEK combine to bring you WE 2 R ROBOT, a pounding live techno performance that combines Hashek's master mixing skills with CQDX's production genius. You can catch a bit of these boys on the airwaves by tuning in to their radio show "R.E.M." every Friday @ midnight on CHUO 89.1 FM [ www.chuo.fm ]

[i]Synergy - Live PA [/i]

Ottawa's favourite live PA returns and he's bringing all his zany tracks and antics with him. His amazing remixing talent boggles the mind of producers and ravers everywhere as he creates masterful reworks of classic anthems, TV show themes, and rock and roll hits, all on an antique Pentium in a dos based tracker.

[i]Kanibalz, Terror Inc. - Hardcore[/i]
Our very own exT is quickly closing in on the position of Canada's most sought after Hardcore DJ, frequently seen playing all over Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa. Catch him before the stardom consumes him, causing him to move to Rotterdam and school Neophyte.

[b]Data Decay & Psycronik [/b]
[i]FAK - Psytrance [/i]
Psychedelic Trance at it's finest. Psycronik & Data Decay will take you on a spiritual journey, making you become fully aware of who you really are.

[b]DJ LUSHYS [/b]
[i]Underground Soundz, AIIA, Fun Syndicate - Oldschool Breakbeat[/i]

Rinsing out the oldschool flava for our oldschool venue, Lushys will be ripping it up oldschool styles with an oldschool selection of massive oldschool anthems and oldschool hidden gems. Oldschool.

[i]Special Hard/Energy/Epic Closing Set! [/i]

These are the boys who make these events happen! They’ll be coming together for a special back to back closing set and making sure the party ends in the perfect state of euphoria.

This is a church, so be as pure *evil grin* as possible. [b]DRESS IN WHITE![/b]

The venue will be revealed 24hrs prior on our websites and community boards. It is located 30-40 minutes from downtown Ottawa in the main hall of a real church.
Room 1:
Justrich (Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg)
Phosphor (Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg)
We 2 R Robot (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
Data Decay - TundraRecords.org - Freak Addiction Krew \ Tundra Re
DJ Emm - www.synergyraves.com - Synergy Canada
exT - www.djext.ca
OoO.Lushys.OoO - www.soundofageneration.com - UGZ, Ambiguous, Transcendance, S
Psycronik - Freak Addiction Krew\Tundra Recs
Rob Black (Trance) - www.udent.info
Extras:$20 in advance
More at the Door

Available at:
Norml Clothing 41 1/2 William Street
Top of the World 154 Rideau Street
Entertainment Ink - Place D'Orleans Shopping Center

$15 Special price for out of towners (Email emilio@emmsolutions.ca to get on the list)
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Events Calendar - August 19, 2005
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Member Comments
» Particlefountain said @ Mon Aug 22, 2005 @ 3:54pm
Best first rave ever!!! won't be my last!, props to the event holders!. Met so many peeps, which is totally great ^_^. That night totally changed how I view raves!. Thanx :D
» Bang_Strano said @ Sat Aug 20, 2005 @ 4:50pm
Best party since Two Tribe ... and maybe more
» Data_Decay said @ Tue Aug 16, 2005 @ 12:27am
AMEN. Takin it to the house of the lord. Partay.
» Ming said @ Mon Aug 15, 2005 @ 10:20pm
Its going to be HOLY fun
» BooTcHou3 said @ Thu Aug 11, 2005 @ 3:22pm
LOol ! dress code : white !! tsssssssé voir ke pour aller raver ma me mettre tout en blanc aille lOol ! jva tellement mhabiller en noir hahaha
» NaThasha said @ Wed Aug 10, 2005 @ 10:34am
en blanc dans une eglise......:S sa laurais pu etre noir non???:P