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Events Calendar - July 21, 2005
Mix Thursday: Sean Kosa, Poontz, Keph, Axionfigga, DJ Elwood [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Jul 21, 2005 @ 12:00am
Description:This Thursday July 21 Saphir's Mix Thursday proudly presents:

Sean Kosa, Keph, Poontz and Axionfigga..

mix thursdays on the top floor @ saphir, 3699 st-laurent. 2-for-1 beers and free before midnight
80s night rages on downstairs, admission grants access to both floors

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Sean Kosa (turbo recordings / lipstick music / white leather)...

Sean began his sonic adventures in the womb, his mother a classically trained singer, was an active musician before and after his birth. His parents noticed his own obvious gift at a young age when, at just three months, his first words were actually the chorus of Ave Maria, sung with perfect intonation, timbre and pitch. In the words of his mother,"I was stunned!"

Fast forward fifteen years; Sean is standing in front of his first amplifier holding a white Fender Stratocaster, a tidal wave of distortion and feedback cascading from the speaker. In a revelation that would forever change Sean's outlook on music he declared, "I am going electric." After playing in Toronto for the next five years he had felt that he was hitting a wall creatively and spiritually. But something special would soon emerge from the grey morass of Toronto pawn shops that would once again revitalise Sean's interest and faith in music.

Working in a Scarborough heavy machine factory had allowed him to begin building a rudimentary studio in his parents basement. His purchase of a sampler/sequencer and analog synth was integral to his new vision for sound and composition. Although his sequenced drum patterns made him a pariah amongst his old friends and bandmates he stayed strong,"I don't care if you think it sounds gay," was his famous retort, "it became almost a mantra," said friend and ex-bandmate Mike Milosh. Because of this clausterphobic climate of non-acceptance that surrounded him, Sean left Toronto for Montreal in what some friends would later call, "his self-imposed period of exile.".

This so-called exile would prove to be a very fruitful time for Sean. As he would put it, "beer is my monastery," and what a monastery it was! Only three years after arriving in Montreal he began working in the online gaming industry, doing various tasks such as sound design, voice overs, song composition and loop creation. Although exciting at first, Sean quickly grew weary of, as he would so often put it, "smoking the big corporate hog."

The only way for Sean to stay sane was to focus on his own material, his D.J. work, his tone poems for modern dance choreographers, and his short lived fashion show sound treatments. Then, without warning, the dot com crash came and Sean was one of it's worst casualties, stripped of the financial success of his embryonic career he took a good look in the mirror, stuck his chin up and said, "I shall now create souvlaki."

After a year of rolling pita Sean came to his senses, assembled some of his most beloved tracks on a CD and sent out a bunch of demo's. Then one day the phone rang, "Hello, it's Tiga, is Sean there?"

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mix thursdays on the top floor @ saphir, 3699 st-laurent. 2-for-1 beers and free before midnight

80s night rages on downstairs, admission grants access to both floors

[ www.level4productions.com ]
Room 1:
Dj Keph (Canada, British Columbia, Whistler)
Axionfigga - www.indajungle.com - The High Commission
Sean Kosa - www.myspace.com - Turbo Recordings, Lipstick Music
Extras:free before midnight
2-for-1 beers before midnight
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Events Calendar - July 21, 2005
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