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Events Calendar - November 20, 2004
Foundation [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Time:Sat Nov 20, 2004 @ 12:00am
Promoter:ZER0 Trance Productions
Location:2nd Level

Every great building needs a foundation, just like our scene needs one to. Come out and support your scene with the second of three awesome parties in Ottawa region.

Start Time: 9:00PM
End Time: 3:00AM
Age: 16+
Cover: 10$ At Door Only.
Shuttle: N/A
Bus: 95/96/97 (Anything that goes Downtown)


Probably Ottawa’s most underrated DJ, EXT has totally destroyed dance floors with his mix of hardcore and old school gabber sets. Mixing the styles like no one else possibly could, EXT has found a way to work hardcore into all of our hearts. The management is proud to finally give him the recognition he deserves. So come out, and get ready to slam the hell out of the dance floor.

Happy Hardcore/Drum N’ Bass
This crowd favorite is defiantly one Ottawa’s top talents. With seamless mixing of Happy Hardcore, Jungle, and Drum N’ Bass, BOWZER can mix with the best of them. It’s no wonder why BOWZER has gone on play in several different cities, and played for countless crowds. If this scene is to rebuild itself, then guys like BOWZER will be the type of DJ we will need.

[-HEERO-] (Special DJ Set)
Trance/Hard Trance
ZER0 Trance Collective/H-A-V-O-C
Come out, and check out an event that happens only once every blue moon. [-HEERO-] doing a special DJ set, mixing a variety of epic, hard, and acid trance that no one has ever heard. So come out and support your scene.

Defiantly a terrific DJ, and one of the most talented up-coming DJs in the Ottawa scene. Not only has he played in Ottawa, but has dropped tracks in several different area codes. So get ready for some hardcore beats.

Mark Hughes
Hard House/Hard Trance
Drirectly Drivin Productions
Added specially for this event, get ready for this special guest as he lays down some hard pumping beats for your dancing pleasure.

Hard Trance/Hardstyle/Energy
[ emmsolutions.ca ]
Impressing everyone with his first performance at Village of the Damned, EMM has proven that he’s no amateur, with his terrific blend of hard trance, hardstyle, and energy trance. So come out, watch him drop some awesome beats, once again.

Pornstar Rob
Happy Hardcore/Freeform
One of Ottawa’s most colorful characters, everybody’s favorite Pornstar, Rob is going to be putting down some nice freeform, and happy hardcore vinyl on the Foundation decks.

The Line-UP:
9:00 T'ill 10:00
PornStar Rob

10:00 T'ill 11:00
Hard Trance/HardStyle/Energy

11:00 T'ill 12:00
DJ Bowzer
Happy Hardcore/Drum N' Bass

12:00 T'ill 1:00

1:00 T'ill 2:00

2:00 T'ill 3:00
Mark Hughes
Hard House/Hard Trance

3:00 T'ill 4:00
Hard Trance/Trance

Other Info:

The management would like to extend a special Happy Birthday to Ottawa's very own: PomPom. Happy Birthday man, we wish you all the best!!!
Room 1:
Pornstar Rob (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
bowzer - www.bowzer.net
DJ Emm - www.synergyraves.com - Synergy Canada
Added:Sun May 29, 2005 @ 12:00am by » Emm
Events Calendar - November 20, 2004
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