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Events Calendar - February 26, 2005
S O U N D E R G R O U N D 2005 MOONFLY PROJECT [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Feb 26, 2005 @ 12:00am
Promoter:MoonFly Entertainment Present | Resurrection Host
Location:Ressurection Afterhour
Description:SOUNDERGROUND Moonfly Entertainment & Resurrection Present " SOUNDERGROUND 2005" We're gonna bring the beat back! Remember that sexy bass frequency sweat you from head to toe last winter ? Yes! We are bringing tha phat bass back to you to drive all you sexiest party people into the So.undeground. You are going to experience our 2005 HI-NRG Dance Project brought to you by the afterhour-party xperts. A brand new year 2005, we want to give you the best performance in sounds, visuals, senses, and atmosphere.. as a professional night-club entertainer. Design the party using our unique concept and creativity to well organize a safe, comfortable dance vibe enviroment for you who deserve it! We love to party, know how to party, with a attitute " We are having fun doing it." The Sound : Breakbeat, funky house, progressive house, hard house, deep house, trance, hard trance, progressive, dance, and IDM (Intellegent Dance Music). The Visual : Advanced Computer Generate Digital Graphic Anamation Visualizations, Laser Scan Light-show, The Jockeys : The Moon-Flys, DJ Leon, Lady-Elektra, DJ MJ, and more local talent. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DISC JOCKEY more info please visit MOONFLY ENTERTAINMENT HOST RESURRECTION PRESENT MOONFLY ENTR. SPONSORS HOUSTONBEATS [ CLUBZONE.COM ] ATOMIC MUSIC TEA-HOUSE SMOKE DREAMZ TAPIOCA EXPRESS
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Added:Mon Feb 21, 2005 @ 12:00am by » DJ_LEON
Events Calendar - February 26, 2005
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