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Events Calendar - November 17, 2017
Lenny Dee, End.User, Cenotype,, (Amp Productions) [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Fri Nov 17, 2017 @ 9:30pm till Sat Nov 18, 2017 @ 3:00am
Belmont, Le, 4483 Saint Laurent
(514) 845-8443
Description:AMP présente / presents:

-- END . USER (USA, CA / Sonic Terror, Ad Noiseam)
-- LENNY DEE (USA, NY / Hard Electronic, ISR)
-- CENOTYPE (USA, NJ / Hive, Industry8)
-- SYNTHAMESK (MTL / Net-Lab, Mozyk )
-- CREATURE (MTL / Traumatic, AMP)
-- LCEDP (MTL / Angle.Rec)
+ VJ TiND (MTL / This Is Not Design)

Billets / tickets: 11$
[ [ lebelmont.electrostub.com ] ]
Porte / Door: 15$
Vendredi le 17 novembre / Friday November 17th, 2017
9:30 PM - 3:00 AM
@ Le Belmont, 4483 Saint Laurent
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Une soirée de musique Industriel*, incluant des prestations 'live', des DJs, et des VJs. Produit par les événements AMP (Gehenna, Deadna, & I productions)
*Industriel, Dark Techno, IDM, Hard Techno, Doomcore, RhythmicNoise, Breakcore, plus d'Industriel, etc.*

A night of Industrial* music, featuirng live acts, DJ sets, and VJs. Brought to you by AMP events (Gehenna, Deadna, & I productions)
*Industrial, Dark Techno, IDM, Hard Techno, Doomcore, RhythmicNoise, Breakcore, more Industrial, etc.*

[ www.facebook.com ]
Room 1:
cenotype (USA, New York, New York)
cervello elettronico (USA, New York, Glendale)
END.USER (Belgium, Brussels)
Lenny Dee (USA, Iowa, New York) - www.industrialstrengthrecords.com - Industrial Strength Records
Synthamesk - www.myspace.com - Here's My Card Records
Tickets:11.00 - Ticket / Billet
15.00 - Door / Porte

[ END.US ]
[USA, Los Angeles | Sonic Terror, Ad Noiseam]

Raised on a steady diet of hip-hop and early jungle records, and drawing influence from KRS-One, Skinny Puppy, and Photek, Lynn creates industrial strength drum-n-bass and hip-hop flavored breakcore. His hyper-passionate approach to life is reflected in his work, allowing him to jump headfirst into any genre, bending it to his will; making it his own.

2017 marks the 15th anniversary of Port666 / 1-Byte in a 2-Byte World, Sonicterror’s debut 7″ featuring [ End.Us ] & Tekmind. Since that initial release, Lynn Standafer, better known as [ End.Us ] has gone on to release 9 official full length LP’s, numerous singles, and create a wealth of remixes for artists spanning a wide range of genres including metal, hip-hop, industrial, and breakcore.

(SC) [ soundcloud.com ]
(BC) [ end-user.bandcamp.com ]
(FB) [ www.facebook.com ]

[USA, New York City | Hard Electronic, Industrial Strength Records]

Lenny Dee is one of New York’s earliest Techno creators. He founded Industrial Strength Records in 1991, one of the longest running electronic music labels around, which published the first Hardcore vinyl, "We Have Arrived" by Mescalanium United. Lenny has recently launched a hard techno label: Hard Electronic.

He has produced with artists like Frankie Bones, Sven Vath, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, The Horrorist, Chris Liberator, New Order, Arthur Baker, and KLF. Lenny has appeared on the ‘DJ Mag Top 100’, was previously named No 1 'Hard DJ' by Mixmag, 'Best Worldwide Techo DJ' by the Scottish Dance Music awards, and has played all over the world at parties like Tomorrowland, Love Parade, Woodstock, Thunderdome, and the list goes on...

(SITE) [ www.industrialstrengthrecords.com ]
(FB) [ www.facebook.com ]

[USA, Belleville NJ | Hive, Industry8]

ce.no.type (see. noh. typ): The original type from which all forms have arisen.

Existing somewhere in that undefined region of sound known as Industrial music, Cenotype is the personal expression of a single individual known as Lenny B. Also known as DJ Wintermute, Lenny is a long-standing member of the NYC/ New Jersey-area industrial scene. Raised in the poisonous sprawl of depressed cities such as Bayonne and Jersey City, Lenny cut his teeth as a dancefloor DJ at several venues around the region, and was inspired by acts, such as SPK, KLINIK, SKINNY PUPPY, DIVE, SYNAPSCAPE and PSYCHIC TV, to create his own project.

Influenced by the first and second ‘Power Noise’ waves of the mid-late 1990s, Cenotype now seeks to rise above the growing mass of imitators spawned by that movement to create an identity all its own, incorporating elements of Death Industrial and Power Electronics while staying true to his origins. This project centers around themes of morality, justice, sanity, depression and, at times, even redemption.

(SITE) [ cenotype.com ]
(FB) [ www.facebook.com ]

[USA, Los Angeles | Hands, Crunch Pod]

“Electronic Brain” is the brainchild of Los Angeles based producer David Christian, who has made himself a name with numerous live shows in North America and Europe at important festivals like Maschinenfest, Schlagstrom (Berlin), Wave Gotik Treffen, Slimelight(UK), Planet Myer Day, and Storm Party(NL). The prolific musician has produced remixes for the likes of KMFDM, Leæther Strip, Wumpscut, and Terrorfakt on labels Industrial Strength, Metropolis, Dependent, and Alfa Matrix. There have also been releases on HANDS Productions, Crunch Pod, and Rustblade.

(SITE) [ www.cervelloelettronico.com ]
(FB) [ www.facebook.com ]

[CA, Montreal | Net-Lab, Mozyk]

Heavy IDM, Breakcore, Industrial

(SC) [ soundcloud.com ]
(BC) [ synthamesk.bandcamp.com ]
(FB) [ www.facebook.com ]

[CA, Montreal | Traumatic, AMP]

Doomcore, Dark Techno, Industrial

(MC) [ www.mixcloud.com ]
(BC) [ traumatic.bandcamp.com ]
(FB) [ www.facebook.com ]

[CA, Montreal | Angle.Rec]

Industrial, Techno

(SC) [ soundcloud.com ]
(FB) [ www.facebook.com ]

(Vimeo) [ vimeo.com ]
(FB) [ www.facebook.com ]

Création Ex Nihilo
(FB) [ www.facebook.com ]

Le Belmont
(SITE) [ www.lebelmont.com ]
(FB) [ www.facebook.com ]

AMP productions
(FB) [ www.facebook.com ]
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Events Calendar - November 17, 2017
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