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Events Calendar - August 29, 2014
Round 2 [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Fri Aug 29, 2014 @ 10:00pm till Sat Aug 30, 2014 @ 7:00am
Location:Kim FOO 990 St Antoine St W, Montreal, QC H3C 1A7
Description:All right everyone!! THIS IS IT!!

Black & White Productions is HAPPY to partner up with Project Paradox to come back for Round 2!

We brought you Rainbow Trip, and through that massive success, we decided to lead you down the path one more time. Now, if you happened to miss those two, here's your chance! Round 2 is everything you come to expect from a party, and more.

The relaunch party of Black And White Productions, this is one party you do not want to miss out on. You have two choices: hear about it from your friend, or come and be a part of the magic. The choice , ultimately, is yours.



DJ MAtRiCks (Black & White / NightKandi Entertainment, Project Mayhem)
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
Genre: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore

Smartyz (Black & White / NightKandi Entertainment, Kannibalz)
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
Genre: UK Hardcore

Mitchell Mccormick (Project Paradox, Black & White / NightKandi Entertainment)
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
Genre: Drum & Bass

Skicks (Black & White / NightKandi Entertainment)
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
Genre: UK Hardcore

HostOne (Apitoxin, Rough Crew, Genosound)
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
Genre: Drum & Bass

Rave Dave
[ www.facebook.com ]
Genre: Hardstyle

RA10 (Tekno Agricole Sound6tem)
[ www.facebook.com ]
Genre: Happy Hardtek

The FaceFuckerz (Montreal Hardcore Resistance)
[ www.facebook.com ]
Genre: French Core


Steelsquid (Euphorix)
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
Genre: Prog

Hexa-5 (Timecode, Sangoma Records, Tundra Records, Freak Addiction Krew)
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
Genre: Full On

Futurgenetic (Hoar prod / EB team) & MaSingularity (ovnimoon record)
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]

[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
Genre: dark psy

Akibel (Kupuri music)
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
Genre: Night Psy

Alexx Aoiaska (AIOASKA PROD)
[ www.facebook.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
Genre: Goa

Exclusive B&W Prod. Backdrop deco

Lycra deco by KR8
[ www.rave.ca ]

Tickets are now available from the promotion team and will be available as of Friday evening (May 9th) at Psychonaut!

People who would like to use a credit card can pay in person by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express if you find Hugo Danick Samson in a party! You will be provided with a receipt by email! MMMM Technologyyyyyy

Online tickets are also available via Paypal. Be sure to provide your full name and address so that we are able to ID you at the door. A $1.00 service charge will be applied at checkout for online purchases.
[ www.paypal.com ]

$15 until May 31st
$20 June 1st until the event
$25 at the door
Room 1:
23:00 Host1 - www.soundcloud.com
24:00 Skicks (Canada, Quebec, Quebec) - www.facebook.com
01:00 MAtRiCks - Project Mayhem
02:30 Smartyz - www.djsmartyz.com - Heartbeat Events, Kanibalz, Nigh
04:00 Ravedave - www.ravedave.ca
05:00 RA10
06:00 The FaceFuckerz
Room 2:
23:30 Hexa-5 (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa) - www.timecode.co.za - Prism Code / Timecode
01:30 Futurgenetic
01:30 MaSingularity - evolove.ca
03:30 Akibel - www.facebook.com
Tickets:15.00 - Presale (April, May)
20.00 - Presale (June, July, August)
25.00 - Door Price
Extras:[ www.facebook.com ] -> Ticket section
Added:Fri Apr 11, 2014 @ 11:55pm by » Ashigaikha
Modified:Thu Aug 28, 2014 @ 9:39am by » Nemorave
Events Calendar - August 29, 2014
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Contributing Members: » Bio-Hazardous (225), » Smartyz (103), » Samwise (20), » ravedave (2)
Member Comments
» Ashigaikha said @ Mon Sep 8, 2014 @ 11:18pm
Written by Hugo Danick Samson ;P Warning – Super long and cheesy thanks post following this line ;P Thanks everyone for coming to Round 2! You guys made it a magical night! I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday present than walking around seeing all of you enjoy yourselves that much! The vibe was great and this party would never have been so great without every single one of you! It was especially amazing to see people from all over Canada (Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta), from the states and even from Poland all in one party! Unfortunately the party was abruptly terminated due to a misguided person who pulled the fire alarm at the entrance and I want to extend my deepest apologies to everyone who had the opportunity to hear the rest of our great performers taken away from them. Of course I also am very sorry for our artists that had they set cut short (RA10 and Akibel) and the ones who didn’t get to mix at all (Alexx Aoiaska and The Face Fuckerz) due to this unfortunate turn of event. I got into event production to organize parties where people can have fun. To do this my team and I make every efforts to make NightKandi events into safe quality parties. Because of this, the fire alarm incident was definitely a tough moment for me and I really appreciate the kindness of everyone who came to lift my spirit up while it was happening and after the party got closed down. ALL the DJs did an amazing job and played for everyone what we were craving to hear with amazing energy! Special props to Smartyz and Matricks our headliners in the Happy room (you guys actually made me cry of joy!) as well as our headliners in the Psy room, Akibel, FuturGenetic and MaSingularity! Of course all these great performers would not have been able to mix without the awesome sound system and lighting provided by FloydianSound and 10ko Mobile! You guys deserve a huge props!! The deco was GORGEOUS!!! Kendall, KR8, Burgy and Sinner, you completed the experience with the deco, backdrops
» couleombre said @ Sat Aug 30, 2014 @ 2:13pm
j'espere ça va repartir le happy a montréal :D
» rave0lution said @ Fri Aug 29, 2014 @ 5:48pm
dans quelques heures!!! ^_^
» Smartyz said @ Thu Aug 7, 2014 @ 8:24pm
Voici mon promo mix pour vous mettre dedans d'ici le 29! [ www.rave.ca ]
» ravedave said @ Thu Jul 17, 2014 @ 12:15pm
Hello ravenation, here's a little promo mix :) [ www.rave.ca ]
» Skicks said @ Sun Jun 15, 2014 @ 2:20am
Y'all should listen to this! [ www.rave.ca ]
» Nemorave said @ Mon May 26, 2014 @ 8:10pm
Last week for $15 tickets!!! / Dernière semaine pour les billets à 15$!!! Contact the following people or go to Psychonaut until Saturday! / Contactez les personnes suivantes ou sinon passez au Psychonaut d'ici samedi! Nemorave - Verdun / Downtown [ www.rave.ca ] Koopa-Paradox - Any metro station in Montreal [ www.rave.ca ] Ashigaikha - Verdun [ www.rave.ca ] James Draegon - West Island [ www.facebook.com ] Mike Silentts - West Island [ www.facebook.com ] Alex Skicks Ventose - Ville de Québec [ www.facebook.com ] Psychonaut - Plateau [ www.facebook.com ]
» ravedave said @ Sun May 25, 2014 @ 10:54pm
what is this? a rave party?
» M-A-X said @ Fri May 23, 2014 @ 7:22pm
En plein dans mes semaines de vacances, yay!
» Hexa-5 said @ Sun May 11, 2014 @ 12:35am
» M0DU1US said @ Tue May 6, 2014 @ 7:36pm
I cannot wait for this!
» Koopa-Paradox said @ Fri May 2, 2014 @ 4:12pm
» kr8noyz said @ Wed Apr 23, 2014 @ 9:31pm
Moi jsui la
» Spinner said @ Mon Apr 21, 2014 @ 8:50am
So sick!!!