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Events Calendar - November 2, 2013
Samhain Ritual : Will'o Wisp & Megalopsy 8hours Live-Act (Halloween Psychedelic [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Nov 2, 2013 @ 10:00pm
Description:Dans la mythologie celtique irlandaise, Samain est la fête qui célèbre le début de la saison « sombre » de l’année (pour les Celtes, l’année était composée de deux saisons : une saison sombre et une saison claire). C’est une fête de transition - le passage d’une année à l'autre - et d’ouverture vers l’Autre Monde, celui des dieux. Elle est mentionnée dans de nombreux récits épiques irlandais car, de par sa définition, elle est propice aux événements magiques et mythiques.

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2 International Live-acts
Unique International deco

WILL O WISP 4 hours live-act (Dark Prisma - Argentina)

Will O' Wisp is Gaston Mellino, another talented young boy from Quilmes City. His first release is a colaboration track with Pandora's Box for the first Void compilation, in Juanuary 2008. Spect more news releases and collaboration projects including him coming soon on this same channel.

??????? 4 hours Live-act (Dark Prisma - Argentina)

An Argentinian live act dedicated to th dark and intense side of psychedelic trance. Combining influences from grunge, industrial and nu metal, ??? has a powerful style easy to recognize in their productions and live performances.

Dark Prisma Records is a nursery and platform for avant-garde, experimental, mind bending, electronic music, born out of from the need to express and manifest inner worlds through sonic potions distilled and grown in the deepest corners of our souls.

We participate in existence as a haven for the psychedelic explorers who materialize their experiences into sound. Concocting rituals and sonic downloads, we seek to transform ourselves and the world around us by punching holes into another dimensions and pouring them over our planet.

Art and science blend together to form a tool designed to enhance perception and bring a direct experience with knowdledge. Through music and technology we will we navigate existence, and keep on exploring this self-conscious, self-transforming alien-machine we call Universe.

[ www.darkprisma.com.ar ]
[ www.facebook.com ]

More info soon

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Events Calendar - November 2, 2013
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