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Events Calendar - February 11, 2012
Emotion 6: Take Me Higher Feat. Clsm [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Time:Sat Feb 11, 2012 @ 8:00pm
Promoter:Project D
Description:Ottawa's annual valentine's massive is BACK!

Project D with [ RaveCanada.Net ] presents:

Emotion 6 - Take Me Higher!

February 11th, 2012 - 8:00PM-3:00AM @ Maverick's and Dekcuf (221 Rideau)

Tickets $20 at NormL Clothing (184 Rideau St)16+/19+ area (Government issued photo ID required)

Downstairs: 8:00PM - 3:00AM

CLSM (a.k.a. John Doe) [Breakbeat Hardcore] UK - [ CLSM.net ]

CLSM aka Jon Doe Started mixing in 1992 and in 1995 became involved in the studio above the record shop 'Movement' in Southampton. A string of Hardcore releases followed including setting up 'No Trix' in 1998. Later in 1998 Jon Doe became the resident engineer at Alphamagic distribution and recorded many hard dance tracks including the first 9 Mohawk records. In 1999 Jon started working independently for labels run by Infexious distribution and also set up labels such as 'D' and 'Toast' records and co-owned label UK Hard with Billy 'Daniel' Bunter whilst also working on Bunters 'Honeypot' label. Reming for Tidy Trax, Tripoli Trax and major labels such as BMG, Ministry of Sound and Virgin soon followed.

In 2002 it was time to find something new to do. Hiding under the guise of 'CLSM' to avoid any prejudice and focus on the music, the label kicked off and soon gained album licenses from the restarting 'Bonkers' series and Ministry of Sound's 'Decedance' series. In 2003 CLSM started a campaign to get hard dance and hardcore on Radio1. This resulted in a monthly show on Radio1 which became weekly, naming Dj Kutski to fill the roll. In 2005 'Hardcore Classics' was recorded in the CLSM studio and became the biggest selling hardcore compilation of all time. In 2006 CLSM made a TV show for Sky called 'Underground' featuring Hardcore, Hard Dance, Drum and Bass and Old Skool in 13 half hour shows. Again focussing on new music, Hard Dance was fused with with Hardcore to create 'Hardscape' and CLSM created a TV advertised compilation for CYFI Media called 'Hardcore Revolution'. It went to number 26 on the album chart with the Hardscape disc mixed by Dj Cotts on YouTube. Currently the main CLSM output is 'Breakbeat', releasing 3 tracks every week from CLSM artist tracks and other artists contributions from the likes of Gammer, Al Storm, Dean Anthony and more. CLSM has always been at the cutting edge of hardcore music. Be sure not to miss him at this EXCLUSIVE OTTAWA SET.

Bass Machines feat. E=MC [Breaks/Electro/Dubstep] - Burner Records, FREE=BASS, Project D

The boundaries have been broken. A breed of machines born from the 613 has delivered a fresh breath to kill the smell of stale sound. For almost two years now the Bass Machines have organized motion, emotion, sound and sight into an electronic whirl that moves the masses. Unique and innovative, Bass Machines are a thrill. Their Free:Bass parties have risen to be one of the most successful events in Ottawa and are growing in popularity. Add mic veteran E=MC to the mix and you've got an unstoppable onslaught of raw energy! The gears are turning fast and the only break is more BASS!!!
Dain-Ja [UK Hardcore]-Rush Delivery, 1upped, Project D
Ottawa’s #1 hardcore DJ, owner of Rush Delivery records (North America’s only vinyl+mp3 hardcore label), producer featured on countless CD compilations including Hardcore Addiction and Hardcore Underground, author of “Feel So High” and countless other hits… The list goes on! If you enjoy varied, layered and technically mixed sets, this is one not to miss!

Crash Override [Drum and Bass] - Project D, 1upped

Ottawa's #1 Drum and Bass DJ, head of Project D, and your promoter for this amazing event, Crash Override has been bringing the rock to a number of high profile events lately, including WEMF. Crash's style is all about quick cuts, long double drops, and heavy bass. Expect massive hoovers, deep bass, wobbley wobbles, and good dancing!

Tampered DNA [Psytrance] - Project D, DI.FM

Tampered DNA started djing in 1999 in Ottawa, Canada. He started out playing hard trance but after hearing Psytrance at an outdoor party he quickly switched to play the music which touched his spirit. He is one of the better traveled Ottawa Psytrance dj's, playing gigs around Ontario, New York, Calgary and Vancouver and the Royal Doof 2009 in Australia. He never fails to get the dance floor going insane. His first affiliation was with Mind Candy Productions in New York, Jade Buddha, Project D and now with Soundkraft Records. He became mainstay in Ottawa with several residencies and regular performances at various clubs and parties. His style can be best described as "in your face variety and fluidity". Tampered dna was voted one of Top 20 Favorite Local DJs in Ottawa on [ RaveCanada.net ] Tampered DNA was voted one of Top 15 Most Request Local DJs for Upcoming Events in Ottawa on [ RaveCanada.net ] 2009-2010. He was one half of the originator of Ritual Nights, a monthly Psytrance night in Ottawa, Canada. After moving on he has been involved with spreading the psytrance word at many a mixed genre party in and around Ottawa. He currently has a monthly radio show called Keep it Strange on the Psytrance station of [ www.di.fm. ]

Type-Z.E.R.O. [Hardstyle]- Overdrive, Ambiguous Recordings, [ OverdriveCanada.com ]

A DJ career dating back to 2001, and production dating back to 1997, Type-Z.E.R.O. Has been at this game for a while. Originally taking root in progressive and techno, his sound has evolved across almost every genre of trance and now settling in on Hardstyle. Obsess with the genre, Type-Z.E.R.O. has dedicated himself to perfecting his mixing techniques and playing some of the most uplifting and driving melodies combined with the hardest and dirtiest drum beats around. Get ready for a hardstyle experience like no other: It's time to play!

The Ninji [Drum and Bass] - Project D

The other, other, mastermind behind Project D, get ready for big bass and good vibes as The Ninji busts out some smooth dancefloor killers.

Xenobiotic [D+B/Dubstep]

Deckuf: Presented by [ Ravecanada.net ] 8:30PM -2:30AM

Intensiv [UK Hardcore] - Florida - Global Events

Coming all the way from Sunrise, FL. IntensiV has a passion for UK Hardcore and Freeform that has taken him onto stages across the southern US. Known for his intense energy through his track selection and stage presence, he's shared the stage with some of the biggest hardcore DJs in the world. Between DJing and being a main partner in one of the Florida's Global Events promotion crew, IntensiV can be found in the studio working on original tracks for his sets. We're pleased to be bringing this true hardcore head to Canada for the first time!

The Pink Popo [House] - Montreal - [ www.thepinkpopo.com ]

Pink Popo is a rising name in the Montreal underground rave scene. At 18 year old she made her debut as a DJ and promoter in Montreal with her signature hard electro fidget style. Always a crowd pleaser back home, Ottawa is in for a real treat that can't be missed.

Tamerax [Hard Trance] - Sherbrooke, QC -Synergy Canada, Blizzard Tracks, [ Ravecanada.net ]

No stranger to the Ottawa scene, Tamerax has been playing his unqiue blend of high energy hard trance for years. His energy behind the decks, amazing track selection and smooth mixing skills have destroyed dancefloors all across Canada and the eastern United States. Tamerax is a co-founder of the legendary Synergy Productions crew as well as the underground scene website, [ RaveCanada.Net ] For this set, Tamerax will be pulling out all the stops to bring you one of the most insane sets you've ever heard! You won't be able to move after this one!!

DJ^3 [Happy Hardcore] - Imaginary Rainbow Syndicate, Project D

One of the duo at the Imaginary Rainbow Syndicate who have been bringing back the happy to Ottawa, DJ^3 (Cubed) is known for his happy-go-lucky demeanour, his love for cheese, and his delight in bouncy hardcore. Come take a listen.

DJ Alice [Darkwave] - Death Disco

DJ Alis has been electrifying dancefloors in Canada for half a decade, with high profile appearances at Emotion 3, Hack the Planet, and Kinetik Festival in addition to being a regular DJ at Death Disco since its inception. Her mix is an unpredictable, unprecedented throw down of all forms of Industrial/EBM/Goth-wave that melds seamlessly with all shapes of Electronic Dance Music. Recently Alis has taken her knob tweaking abilities to the synthesizer by joining world class Electro-Industrial Bio-Punk band Encephalon.

Wyrd the Cat [Electro Breaks]


-2 Rooms
-Multiple international headliners
-Massive support from Ottawa's best DJs, new and old
-The best vibe in Ottawa

RCN Eventlisting: [ ravecanada.net ]
Room 1:
Bass Machines (Canada, Ontario, Otterville)
CLSM (Canada, Quebec, Montreal)
IntensiV (USA, Florida, Sunrise)
Pink Popo (Canada, Quebec, Montreal) - www.thepinkpopo.com
Tamerax (Canada, Quebec, Sherbrooke) - www.tamerax.com
Crash Override - www.1upped.ca
Dain-Ja - www.soundcloud.com - Rush Delivery
dj 3
DJ Alice
Tampered DNA
The Ninji
wyrd the cat
Tickets:20.00 - advanced
Added:Mon Dec 5, 2011 @ 2:31pm by » Tamerax
Events Calendar - February 11, 2012
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