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Events Calendar - October 13, 2011
Switch Feat. Sarcastic, Monokini San [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Oct 13, 2011 @ 9:00pm
Description:======= SWITCH =====
Proudly present :

L'important, pour moi, c'est d'être entourée de bonne musique et de personnes stimulées, passionnées. Au fil des années, je me suis trouvé à fonder avec mes amis un collectif dédié à la musique électronique qui se nomme 64Hz. Ensemble, nous organisons des soirées mettant la musique électronique, le design et la danse en avant-plan.

Je suis très émue à l'idée que plusieurs groupes comme le nôtre essaiment partout sur la planète.

Je pourrais en nommer beaucoup, mais certains resteront toujours de bonnes influences en termes de techno deep et répétitif, comme par exemple Blueprint records et rasophal schallware. Ils me rappellent ce que j'aimais tant de la musique techno progressive de l'époque des premiers EPs sortis sur Iboga ou Digital Structures. Je vous invite à écouter ce qu'ils produisent!

Pour ce qui est de moi-même, je dois avouer que je n'avais jamais pensé devenir DJ, même si je le souhaitais secrètement. Mais je crois que c'est ma voie et je compte sortir de mon chapeau quelque chose de nouveau et faire évoluer ce son dont je suis si fière pour les années à venir. Mon nom est Monokini San.


i've always wanted to be around people that like good music whatever the style. so over the years me and my friends started a group called 64hz. we organise electronic music events, dance, deejay and do graphic design. other people do that too all over the world, so i have many choices when i comes to influences. lately i've been particulary inspired by labels like resopal schallwar, they have a similar approach. another label that blows my mind is blueprint records, go check what is released on there. deep, repetitive, mental bringing back in me what i liked so much about the early digital structure and iboga records back in the days. now i never thought i would end up deejaying, but i think it's my path and i intend to push the limits to a higher level. the way electronic music is growing is very exciting and i am proud to be part of it. my name is monokini san.

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[ www.64hertz.net ]

-------------------====================----------- ----==============-------------========&====== =====----------=-======--------------------------- ----======----------------------======-------

Sarcastic began buying records compulsively in 1993 as DJing and record collecting would become the focal point of his life in Montreal, Canada. Only beginning to play out regularly circa 1998, Sarcastic has been a staple in the Montreal DJ scene ever since, playing hundreds of sets at raves, clubs and events, focusing on techno but also exploring such styles as jazz fusion, soul, funk, rock, hip hop, trip hop, house, booty, country and disco. Sarcastic founded collective Level 4 Productions in 2000 and has been a published local music critic since 2001. Sarcastic's L4P crew organized raves last decade including !Onelove, Communism, Flux, School, Good Vibrations, 2K4, the club night Tekstyle Thursdays at the ole' Bluedog, and the long-running Mix Thursdays at Saphir (R.I.P.) with Rhys Taylor, regularly voted as one of Montrealers' favourite club nights. Though the L4P crew's party-organizing days are mostly behind them, since 2006 Sarcastic has continued to focus on production, DJing, buying records and listening to records.
more recently...
2011: released 12" "Green Lantern at the OK Corral" (Standard Records)
2010: released "HAARP-Core" EP (Pertin-nce)
2010: released "Horiz" EP (Algorithm Records)
2009: released "Cool Patch" (DJ Sarcastic remix) for Snork's Contact EP (Algorithm Records).
2009: released 12" 1969 for Wikkid Records.
2009: released experimental dub single The Trade Agenda and tech-house track Split on Pertin-nce's Thanks for Tomorrow compilation. pertin-nce
2008: named as "Avant-Scene" artist to watch by Nightlife Magazine
2008: nominated as Montreal's Top DJ by Mirror's Best of Montreal polling

Sarcastic DJs regularly at Montreal club nights including recent appearances at Beat Boutique (Salon Daome), Forward Music (Passeport), Noerg's Monthly (Salon Daome), Tekmission (Pearl)), playing carefully-programmed sets of tasteful, angular techno and tech-house records. A widespread interest in dub music has also seen Sarcastic's dub-techno and experimental sets in demand: in 2009 Sarcastic opened for Goth Trad at the infamous Komodo Dubs monthly and performed with Montreal's 'UK funky' crew ESL. Since 2002 Sarcastic plays records weekly with the Level 4 Productions family on The 4th Level online radio show, currently housed at techno.fm. For a more detailed bio and info about the Level 4 Productions crew visit

[ www.level4productions.com ] [ www.myspace.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]

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3699 Bld st Laurent
Saphir group to keep in touch with us :
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2$ Until11pm
5$ After ...

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Baby foot ;)
Room 1:
Monokini San
Sarcastic - www.djsarcastic.bandcamp.com - Level 4 Productions, Standard Re
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Events Calendar - October 13, 2011
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