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Events Calendar - September 10, 2011
{syndroma 025} Shabu Recordings Launch: Jesse Somfay [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Sep 10, 2011 @ 10:00pm till Sun Sep 11, 2011 @ 3:00am
Description:>>> upgraded sound system for the night! <<<

syndroma sessions are coming back with the launch of the new Montreal label recordings shabu and a guest of fame:

* jesse somfay (shabu recordings/archipel/traum/manual music)

}}} techno {{{

jesse somfay is a very active canadian electronic music artist. being a techno dj and spinning many other genres, he is reknown for his ability to bring up unique emotive textures from ambient and mix it up with techno sounds, giving a unique style in which we can recognize him. he was released on many labels such as manual music, traum schallplatten, loki recordings and wide angle recordings and on montreal based label such as archipel and, more recently, shabu recordings. his project borealis will publish a lp, called « voidness », on origami sound.

[ soundcloud.com ]

* axel helios (shabu recordings/futureaudio/pertin_nce)

}}} shoegaze techno/acid {{{ live p.a.

axel helios is not an abstract concept, nor a shrimp and certainly not a plankter. in fact, axel is a young producer, based in montreal for the past two years. having been producing and djing in multiple musical genres from a very young age, his studies in electroacoustic music composition allowed him to broaden his musical horizons while staying true to his essence. from influences such as idm and electronica stems a love for analogue sounds and moody ambiances, which he combines with glitchy techno rhythms and acid sounds. as head of shabu recordings, his main quest, which fuels his own music as well as his label's, is to create and promote a type of music that translates the idea of «the soul within the machine».

[ soundcloud.com ]

* sipherdee (syndroma/64hz/itwm records)

}}} techno/bass {{{

[ soundcloud.com ]
Room 1:
22:00 Sipherdee (Techno) - syndroma.org - Syndroma, 64hz, ITWM Records
Extras:our concept is to offer wide musical diversity, focusing on every sub-genre of quality techno, house and minimal.

l'inspecteur epingle is just a few minutes walk from either mont-royal or sherbrooke metro stations.

for this very special night the cost will be set at 5$, still a massive bargain for all that bouncing in the dark alongside jesse somfay!
Added:Tue Aug 30, 2011 @ 11:28am by » cyre
Events Calendar - September 10, 2011
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