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Events Calendar - March 26, 2011
Indajungle 4 Ever Jungle Echoes [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Mar 26, 2011 @ 9:00pm


10-11H: DJEWEL (Organik-FR)

11-12H: MILES D (InDajungle Recordings-MTL)

12-1H: NITROUS (InDaJungle Recordings-MTL)

1H-2H: C64 (Make:Shift,Dross:Tik-TO)

2H-3H: 16 ARMED JACK (Illegal Records-TO)

3H-4H : BROCKOUT (Solid Soldiers, Digital Terror-TO)

4H-5H : ROTOR (Ruffneck Reality Crew-FR)

5H-6H : CONSTRUCT & HARMSWORTH (J'aime le Dubstep, Dubs Cartel Recs, Crude Recs, [ WickedBad.net ]



[ www.drosstik.com ]
[ www.makeshiftrecords.ca ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

Chris Minifie aka C-64 is one of the first people to bring breakcore jungle to attention in Canada. Recording dj sets for CBC's brave new waves as far back as 2002, releasing tapes and mixes, as well as some of the biggest names in the game on his Dross:tik label, promoting many of Torontos hottest nights and bringing international talent for years, C-64 is a legend and a true supported of this music. Having toured and played all over North America and Europe with the likes of Noisia, , Venetian Snares, Enduser, Aaron Spectre to name a few. He is a versataile, skilled and acomplished dj. For this night we expect a set made off clasics and new bangers from all over the world. Expect a wild ride through the years and different forms Jungle has taken from its beginings.


[ soundcloud.com ]

The work of this mastermind does not need introduction to anyone who loves jungle, ragga and breakcore. Having released his original works for over 8 years, 16aj is a staple of Canadian Jungle. His sets are legendary and Montreal has had a fair share of chances to catch his relentless bass and drum mastery in the past. His bootlegs and remixes as well as original pieces have come to be a definition of Jungle. For this night we will be treated to new unreleased material and dubs from our homegrown master. Please come out and welcome back !6 armedjack for the first time in Montreal in over a year!


[ soundcloud.com ]

Nominated for best break-thru dj at the 09 toronto dnb awards, This dj/producer has been working hard all year on his own unique production with many releases on various labels across the world. You can expect nothing but the hardest and quality beats from this man mixed with furious pace, sure to keep your feet busy on the dance floor

Mixes -
[ dnbshare.com ]
[ dnbshare.com ]


[ indajunglerecording.com ]

Guillaume Provencher has been introduced to Drum & Bass in the late 90' with the first records of the Ninja Tune Camp. Having taken his roots in the Hip-Hop scene, he immediately got hooked with those breaks. Spinning since 5 years now, The Nitrous has taken the MTL Drum & Bass scene by storm. He plays a large range of Drum & Bass going from the mellow and chilly, passing through the jazzy . Liquid and going to the darker side of it, touching the Jungle/Dubwise too. He’s a very polyvalent Drum & Bass Dj. Then he founded his own Production Company called Kracked Knuckles. His first event, Summer Breeze, has been acclaimed as one of the best underground Drum & Bass party of the summer of 2000 in Montreal.
He's the owner of Indajungle Recording and Monkey dub.
Nitrous played alongside many well know Dj’s in the likes of Concord Dawn (NZ), Kemal (UK), Klute (UK), John B (UK), Panacea (Germany), Digital (UK), Juju (USA), Freaky Flow (Toronto) and Capital J (Toronto). Having played in numerous parties and club events, he has now a solid experience on how to please the crowd.


Dj drum n bass originaire de paris , résident et Co-promoteur des soirées get stuffed a paris , il a déjà jouer avec : Trace, Distorted minds, Futurebound, Nightwalker, Mampi swift, Muffler, Sly, Friction et bien d’autres.

Installé depuis 4 ans à Montréal, Rotor se montre un peu moins actif mais reste toujours efficace une fois les vinyles en main.
Autoproclamé the true ganja king of the dnb nation, ses sets sont toujours a un niveau très élevé en thc.


[ www.myspace.com ]

What's up? my name is Miles Dozier, son of the african american long time career musician Michael Dozier and of Roseline Michaud. Its no surprise seing from what my father does that I have been a long time music lover since the age of ten when I was introduced to the album "about time" from the punk group pennywise. As I lived my teen years I was listening to korn, nofx , nirvana, primus, Les Claypool and of course a bit of rap. As I got into my older teen years and into being an "adult" the music that grew with me was a alot of death metal bands like: Nile, Slayer, Death and exhumed. Then it began, the electronic music, starting with techno, electro and minimal. It took me about 20 years to find my true love for drum & bass. My discovery of drum & bass is all because of rapper Tech N9ne, he has a song with a drum & bass vibe and as well as my good friend Kenny Almeida got me into some drum & bass artists such as Calyx, Dom & Roland, Goldie and so many more. What I love so much about drum & bass is there is such a variety of styles present such as reaggea, jazz, funk and rap. I started playing the guitar when I was ten and continued to do so intensely until around the age of 21 and to this day I am still an avid guitar player. I am also part of a rap group called Mouthaholics where I DJ and create songs. And finally, I wouldn't be where I am today if I wouldn't have started to DJ. At first I started DJing in electro and minimal tech and now I have moved all the way into the drum & bass (with a side project for dubstep) and I am hooked, pumped and ready for the massive drum & bass tunes fury of Dj Miles D.


Because she makingJewellery for the last 10 years but during the week-end she was also active member to OrganikCrew sound Systeme Free Party orgnisation.
She discovered ElectoniK music and the environment of free party in 97
When She took more confidence on herself and understood why she’s been electronik music environment ..
she decided to begin to mix ..
She love playing Jungle & Drum and Bass and djewel love discovering differents shape of Musics and electronik music is a vast land where she Love to go playing with some beautifull stones of dark Bass music or with some opak sounds of Tekno to the freshy shinny beats to the Liquid DnB or FunkyTek House and many more becausefor her Music and jewellery make sens all tracks are like stones : All Unique
She travel since 2007... making her mind open for what she really expect particulary in Music ,
Since she start Production " Music just give a sens to my life" what she said ..
She is Now in Canada where she’s Restart her life with her own Music way..


A bricklayer in the Canadian Bass Music scene, Construct is the founder of the popular J’aime Le Dubstep mix series, the BreakBeat Elite crew and was responsible for the very popular CKDU 88.1FM [ ] radio show Broken Science. His resume of artists that he’s shared a stage with reads like a who’s who of International Producers such as Starkey, Bassnectar, Goldie, Bar 9, Borgore, Emalkay, Datsik, Excision, Nero, L.A. Riots, Dj Lord, 6Blocc, 0=0, RSD, DZ, Poirier, Mark Instinct, and XI just to name a few. With JLD drawing in international recognition and tour dates popping up Construct is a definitive source of cutting edge Bass Music that pleases the booty shakers and the serious heads every time he blows up a party.

Construct currently releases a weekly J’aime Le Dubstep podcast on iTunes & [ Wickedbad.net ] Teamed up with Vilify, he plays on [ JUNGLETRAIN.net ] every Monday 7-9pm EST, SUB.FM every Friday 9-11pm EST and their weekly event Bass Drive Wednesdays at the Belmont, a staple in the Montreal Dubstep scene.

web: [ Wickedbad.net ] / [ Jaimeledubstep.com ]
resident: Bass Drive Wednesdays – Le Belmont – Montreal
weekly podcast: J’aime Le Dubstep


From the bowels of a forgotten Jungle scene rose one of Halifax’s most notorious & sought after sound selekta’s: Harmsworth. Known for his soul crushing style from far and wide, he is also no stranger to making a danceloor get busy…to call him versitile would be an understatement. Be it with jungle, breaks, glitch hop , electro, house ,dub step or a combination of all six, you can guarentee he will have even the haters nodding their heads to his madness.

Co-founding Halifax collectives ‘Break Beat Elite’ and ‘The Halifield Movement’ his influence will be forever ingrained on the city’s nightlife. He has played all over Eastern Canada, sharing the stage with such greats as Excision, Bare Noize, Bombaman, Big League Chu, Myagi, Mistress Barbera, J-Bass and Lee Coombs as well many local favorites.

Making the move to Montreal was obviously next on his hit list, quickly getting numerous gigs and most recently gaining senior resident status with DubMa$hine. With an appetite for mayhem and obviously nowhere to go but up, brace yourself for the pain…brace yourself for the Harmsworth.

Pre-sales avalaible NOW !!!!! at MOOG(40), Psychonaut(10), Atom heart(30) !!!! :15$



- Bring Your Own Booze -

there will be a coat check for those who wanted ( 2$ )
B.Y.O.B : No glass , only can and plastic will be accepted
Security at the door !!!

FREE DROSS:TIK and MAKE:SHIFT records GIVE AWAYs thanks to C64 !
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Events Calendar - March 26, 2011
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It was Insane! Thx to you all!!
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ya quand meme tout pres de 300 attending sur facebook tk ... :P
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