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Events Calendar - February 12, 2011
Session Syndromatique 019 [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Feb 12, 2011 @ 10:30pm
Description:shakespeare said that "if music be the food of love, play on". bearing this in mind, give your significant other the gift that mere words cannot say, entrance to syndroma sessions! it'll make their knees tremble!

singletons are more than welcome and judging by the beautiful crowds at all our other gigs, you might get lucky!

having always had a taste for fat percussive loops and acidy basslines, "damn bitch is on fire" when he's seen in action! he has forged a name for himself in the quebecois nightlife throughout the years. since 2004, he’s been a proud

member of the akarien collective who can be accredited with numerous club nights and raves which have rocked dancefloors across the city. he is also a dj and promoter with the eresys collective:

fu ancko (akarien/eresys)
}}} techno {{{

[ fuancko.info ]

he skims the canadian dancefloors since 1996 with a passion constantly renewed. after 12 years of mental maceration marked by the most diverse fuzzy mental influences, an eclectic project was born. promoting a form of progressive music

which is not characterized in a particular style, incorporating elements of techno, tech house and breakbeat in a particularly spicy soup:

bonus beats (64hz)
}}} tech-house {{{

[ www.facebook.com ]
Room 1:
22:30 Sipherdee (Techno) - syndroma.org - Syndroma, 64hz, ITWM Records
22:30 G-Zauss (Tech House)
22:30 Citizen Kage (Techno)
24:30 Fu Ancko (Techno) - www.fuancko.info - Eresys / Akarien Prod.
02:00 Bonus Beats (Tech House)
Extras:our concept is to offer wide musical diversity, focusing on every sub-genre of quality techno, house and minimal.

l'inspecteur epingle is just a few minutes walk from either mont-royal or sherbrooke metro stations.

still only $4, a massive bargain for all that bouncing in the dark!
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Events Calendar - February 12, 2011
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