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Events Calendar - May 26, 2001
Mirabilistique [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat May 26, 2001 @ 12:00am
Promoter:Same as Solaris (benevol party)
Description:The main info line who open 24 Hours before the party is:

(819) 758-6370 for victoriaville
(819) 534-0205 for Trois-Rivières
(514) 857-0994 For Montreal

and we tell you the location on the internet here 48 hours before.

You also have the omniscience info line for more information (819) 386-0568

Room 1:
Delerious (Canada, Quebec, Quebec)
Isocele (Canada, Nova Scotia, Inverness)
Kasper (Canada, Quebec, Quebec)
Shampa (Canada, Quebec, Quebec)
Tektonik Veda (Canada, Quebec, Trois-Rivieres)
Aone - Out Of Boundz , Ob Scene Kidz ,
Galaks' - Freak Addiction Krew, Six Feet H
Pi 67 - Freak Addiction Krew
Son Of Mankind
Info:* busses will be made available from Montreal and Trois-Rivieres for the minimal cost.
* completely non-profit party
* free candy and fruit
* comfy couches and blankets
* all decorations supplied free of charge from Freedom Art, Diptik
* i can't promise you than it's true because i don't chose the room (we have two choice) for the moment we make the rave in a big room with carpet at all of the floor and this is a rave in slipper. No shoes but you will have a coat check for your shoes and coat

A great big thank you to all the volunteers who have put so much time, effort, and commitment to making this happen!
Extras:You can take your ticket at:

virus 24 notre-dame est (victoriaville)(819)758-6159
Rio 800 des récolets (Trois-Rivières) (819)372-1612
MusikHall 4511 st-denis (will be disponible in one week)
and some freinds sell tickets in some rave.
If you have question e-mail me at jimiworld@hotmail.com
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Events Calendar - May 26, 2001
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