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Events Calendar - May 23, 2010
Roger Sanchez (Nyc), Uppercut, Rokks & Pironti [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sun May 23, 2010 @ 2:00pm
Description:Produkt Six Year Anniversary & Smirnoff Experience Present:

Sunday May 23rd, 2010

Roger Sanchez at Terrasses Bonsecours
[ www.rogersanchez.com ]


Born to Dominican Parents in Queens, New York in 1969, Roger spent his younger years soaking up the musical influences that were the lifeblood of his home town. It was the diversity of these influences, from salsa, blues and soul to disco, rock and hip-hop, that solidified Roger's dedication to representing this spectrum of musical styles. Thus, Roger's sound is impossible to pigeon hole, refusing to fit the template of any one genre:

"I have always listened to a wide range of music, taking different influences from hundreds of styles. The diversity of the sounds I hear influence different lines of thought when I'm in the studio creating something new"

After leaving college to follow his music-filled heart, Roger's passion for DJing conquered his hometown, and the last days of the 1980s saw Roger spinning beats in the Big Apple's most notorious clubs. 1990 saw the S-Man catapulted into international
limelight with his first hit Luv Dancin, released on the eminent Strictly Rhythm label under the first of many monikers Underground Solution.

Roger's creative evolution through the rest of the decade yielded a string of hits, and whilst working under his Transatlantic Soul alias, Roger conceived the enduring legend Release Yourself. Born in 1996 through club smash single Release Yo Self, the brand has
grown into a worldwide phenomenon that embodies Roger's deep belief in the liberty music can bring. Now an exclusive clubbing concept, a CD mix series, an IDMA winning podcast radio show that touches millions, and an annual residency that still dominates the scene in its 10th season in Ibiza, Release Yourself continues to gather momentum as one of the most recognised and seminal brands on the global scene today.

Roger has remixed superstars such as Chic, Daft Punk, Diana Ross and The Police, contributed to the soundtrack of Hollywood movie Blade, and founded 3 record labels before his beloved Stealth. Since forming his opus label Stealth Records in 2002, the recognition has continued to roll in. Even through the glare of his massive commercial success, the expanse of Roger's fame has neither diluted his outlook nor marred his creativity, and he remains a true champion of new music with one ear always pressed firmly to the underground. In one week alone Roger scored a trio of tracks in the top 25 Billboard Charts, but even after winning a Grammy in 2004 and establishing a global fan
base of millions, the S-man remains grounded, making it clear that "Really, as always, I just do what I do and am grateful to be able to follow my heart."

Roger's infamous energy and dizzying passion ensure that the live recognition keeps rolling in. Having picked up the "Best House DJ" title from Ibiza's prestigious DJ awards in 2007, Roger is celebrating two nominations this year, for "Best House DJ" and "Best International DJ" categories.

Whether overwhelming a frenzied crowd at Miami WMC or pushing musical boundaries on the White Isle, Roger's love of connecting with a crowd ensures that he keeps his status as a true citizen of the World amidst a continuous whirlwind of global touring. At
every gig, the S-Man's relationship with his international network of fans is evident in the mutual energy and appreciation between Roger and the crowd:

"One thing that's very important to me is to take into account what the people on the dance floor are feeling - to reach out and connect to their emotions allows me to share what's in my mind with them. I always have a strong connection with my fans and their dedication and love has allowed me to thrive"

From his legendary performances at the world's most exclusive events, his chart-topping hits, award winning radio show and acclaimed compilation series Release Yourself, Roger is still soaring at the top of his game, spanning 3 decades on a meteoric journey from underground cult figure to master of the global club stage.

For info and tickets visit [ www.wantickets.com ] or email info@produkt.ca


[ www.produkt.ca ]
[ www.wantickets.com ]
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Events Calendar - May 23, 2010
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