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Events Calendar - May 26, 2004
Dubnium [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Wed May 26, 2004 @ 12:00am
Description:Music by:
the mole - mutek
naw - live - noise factory records
melon - broken
unraveled brown cassettetape lying on the freeway (UBCLF) - worthy records - live [winipeg]

littleCatalyst vj
jose garcia visual installation

WHERE: the SAT 1195 boul saint laurent montreal canada
HOW MUCH: free
WHEN: Wednesday may 26th 2004
WHAT TIME: 9pm-12pm
for more info
[ www.dubnium.phoniq.net ]

Room 1:
UBCLF (Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg)
naw - www.noisefactoryrecords.com - Noise Factory
The Mole - Starbass, Mutek, Starchy Root Ma
Info:what is UBCLF?
Unravelled brown cassette tape lying on a freeway is an ever changing experiment in sound. utilising anything at his disposal chris friesen, as ubclf, performs epic soundscapes. his primary tools are a lefthanded bass, a 1980's yamaha keyboard, a cheap radio walkman, a mini-cassette recorder, an old ghettoblaster and various effects pedals. he has released to date two full length records and three singles. he also likes to cuddle.

what is dubnium?


* Symbol: Db
* Atomic number: 105
* Atomic weight: [ 262 ]
* CAS Registry ID: 53850-35-4
* Group number: 5
* Group name: (none)
* Period number: 7
* Block: d-block

Dubnium is a synthetic element that is not present in the environment at all. It exists as an amplified and sometimes delayed reverberation of itself.

Here is a brief summary of the isolation of dubnium.

Only very small amounts of the actual element 105, dubnium, have ever been made. The first samples were made through nuclear chain reactions involving fusion of an isotope of californium, 249Cf, with one of nitrogen, 14N. A second route to the same isotope via reverberkelium is also known

15N + 249Cf 261105Db + 4 1n

16N + 249Bk 261105Db + 4 1n

Isolation of an observable quantity of dubnium has not been achieved.
As the nuclei are fused, a chain reaction occurs which allows the dubnium to resonate through matter.
Isolation of an observable reverberation of dubnium has been achieved.
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Events Calendar - May 26, 2004
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