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Events Calendar - July 31, 2004
Hard as Fuck : Military Edition [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Jul 31, 2004 @ 10:00pm
Location:Top Secret - TBA 48hrs before event
Description:Get ready soldiers, because all the training you've gone through is about to pay off : it's time to go to war! Somewhere in the steamy downtown jungle of Montreal, an ultra-classified operation headed by top specialists in sonic mayhem will commence. Project Arcturus has given us clearance to spare no expense, and as a result we will be equiped with top of the line sound, lights, and decorations seen at a party in a long time. There is no room for the soft and weak. Only the best and brightest will survive as troops are pounded mercilessly for 10 hours by hard trance, hardcore, freeform, hard house, nu-nrg, gabber, and hardstyle. We encourage all troops to wear any camouflage they can get their hands on, and we will be giving out extra weaponry and supplies to all those dressed to kill.
Room 1:
EFM-7 (Canada, Ontario, Ottawa) - Ravin Phantasy records, Uk
Merkurius (Canada, Quebec, Quebec) - www.djmerkurius.com - Kanibalz
Tamerax (Canada, Quebec, Sherbrooke) - www.tamerax.com
The Middle Man (Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver) - www.synergyraves.com - Synergy Collective
Volkano (Canada, Quebec, Quebec) - www.kanibalz.com - Kanibalz
Doc Savage - www.synergyraves.com - SynergyCanada
Juniah - Hard trance - Trance-NRG & Solstice Prod.
Slammer Virus Band - www.slammervirus.com - Repent Tokyo Records
Tipsy T - Ravin Phantasy Records, UK
Tones - Drunken Midget
-Visuals previewing WW3 provided by Image:Impression
-Monitors playing the shlockiest war movies from the 80's
-Insane decorations covering the entire venue, from the base entrance to where we hide our WMD!
-A specially built stage for our djs and live performers
-Custom sound,light, and laser rig imported from Ottawa for this event
-Fans to keep our soldiers from passing out in the jungle
-Over 50 free prizes which will be given out over the night for b-ravery in combat!
-First aid on site for all wounded soldiers
-A chill area for all soldiers suffering from shellshock
-Poi Competition to shock and awe
-Tons of big black cocks provided by Rear Admiral Tones*

Dust off your army gear and get ready to go to war!

Top secret venue will be declassified 48hrs prior to the event on our infoline and website:
infoline: 514 724 4574
Website: [ www.synergycanada.com ]

Free copies of the event promo cd will be given out at events through July and will feature exclusive tracks from EFM-7 and Slammer Virus. It will also be available for download on [ Synergycanada.com ] on July 3rd.

*Big black cocks may be substituted for small white dick at Tones' discretion.
Regular boring tickets just don't cut it for this event. The tickets for HAF's Military Edition will be genuine metal dogtags, just like the ones they use to identify dead bodies in war! Only those who buy their tickets in advance will get these things. Remember to buy your 'tickets' early, as capacity is limited and we expect to sell out.

First 50 tickets 10$ (On sale July 3rd)
Advance tickets 15$
Door cost 20$ (if available)

Available at:
Musik Hall 4511 St Denis
DNA Records 28 des Pines E
Megohm 2003 St Denis
Added:Thu May 20, 2004 @ 12:00am by » DocSavage
Modified:Wed Jul 28, 2004 @ 12:00am
Events Calendar - July 31, 2004
108 People Attending [ Hide User Images ]
Contributing Members: » Nuclear (71), » Le_D (23), » Ming (21)
Member Comments
» cutterhead said @ Thu Feb 3, 2005 @ 6:13am
thnx tamerax for that booze hope u hade some left for ya o.O
» Mi_HaLlWeEn said @ Wed Aug 4, 2004 @ 9:22pm
C'étais fou!! la chaleur était intense mais sa en vallais en masse la peine!
» c4thpattes said @ Wed Aug 4, 2004 @ 2:25pm
C'était écoeurant!!!!
» Nutron said @ Tue Aug 3, 2004 @ 12:28am
Had a great time at this event :) Granted was a bit hot, but the crowd was up for it anyhow. Btw sorry about having to cut short at the end, police were gonna give a big ticket if i didnt stop the set there and then.
» ADDJ said @ Mon Aug 2, 2004 @ 8:15pm
Was a GREAT party! I'll post small video clips as soon as I fix my vid card, more to come after that :) Thanks Montreal, you guys really bring it! Bon nom du rave!? is that like a snowman at a party haha it was too hot he melted!
» MAtRiCks said @ Mon Aug 2, 2004 @ 10:55am
Faisait chaud, mais jsuis d'accord avec boo, best hardcore party depuis un boute. La musique etait nice :D
» nvm said @ Sun Aug 1, 2004 @ 8:03pm
cut a little short in the end, but damn that was a nice party!
» Vee-Vee said @ Sun Aug 1, 2004 @ 5:12pm
best fucking party in a LONG time!
» Juniah said @ Sat Jul 31, 2004 @ 4:06pm
mixing @ 23 be there :)
» KanDKiCkUrAzZ said @ Sat Jul 31, 2004 @ 3:54pm
Im GoNnA Be HeRe To BuRn ThE DaNcE FLoOr!!
» JayBOY said @ Sat Jul 31, 2004 @ 1:50pm
Il a tu des billets o portes ???? ses pour un chummie
» KraZyFr0G said @ Sat Jul 31, 2004 @ 8:08am
Yah! Today tha Day
» DocSavage said @ Fri Jul 30, 2004 @ 5:27pm
The venue is located at 7250 St Hubert, one block from Metro Jean Talon. Party starts at 10 and we will update the infoline when the venue hits capacity and we won't be letting people in anymore. 514 724 4574
» AmilyA said @ Fri Jul 30, 2004 @ 5:17pm
J'y VaiS Pu!!!!! :( Sorry!!!!!!!!
» neoform said @ Fri Jul 30, 2004 @ 1:30pm
Did someone say free pussy?
» Balzamo said @ Fri Jul 30, 2004 @ 12:50am
I want to be there didnt rave since december but no army clothes for me! I didnt have one!
» Ming said @ Tue Jul 27, 2004 @ 6:25pm
I can't wait for this
» laullipop said @ Mon Jul 19, 2004 @ 11:19pm
i can't go, i have no army clothes :P
» mixtmed1a said @ Sat Jul 17, 2004 @ 11:06pm
ps happpy hardcore is Not hard. it's gay
» Marvin said @ Fri Jul 16, 2004 @ 1:30am
yeah! a plenty of kickass hardcore very soon! :)
» snakestyle said @ Thu Jul 15, 2004 @ 11:10pm
hard house ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby
» BLaNCa said @ Wed Jul 14, 2004 @ 1:19am
ryan, you better give me a prize (as in a beer or 12) for best costume, besides, you owe me one!!! *evil grin* or else I'll hafta print a shirt exposing you as a leg killer..
» Merkurius said @ Tue Jul 13, 2004 @ 6:18pm
Gonna kick some shit !! Yes yo !
» ikce said @ Tue Jul 13, 2004 @ 1:28am
i'll support the hardcore scene, then i'll support pussy.
» JacK_LenrageR said @ Fri Jul 9, 2004 @ 12:57pm
moin ya eu des prob avec les tiks de p.v
» Hyperreal_Gen said @ Wed Jul 7, 2004 @ 10:57pm
» Marie1983 said @ Wed Jul 7, 2004 @ 7:08pm
What the fuck calisss, c'est quand la vrai date de prévente?
» LaTeRaLuS said @ Sat Jul 3, 2004 @ 11:09am
~ .....Let's keep fit and play HARD.....
» LouisKend said @ Wed Jun 30, 2004 @ 4:35pm
» mtl_mtl said @ Tue Jun 29, 2004 @ 2:54pm
gaytan - i have no idea who you are, but thierry is not involved at all in the deco. He is performing and promoting.
» abcd123 said @ Sun Jun 6, 2004 @ 10:37pm
That party is gonna be banging hard!
» Tranci said @ Sun Jun 6, 2004 @ 2:54pm
I'm going to be coming up from Fredericton, so where can I find tickets you guys? :)
» Luna-1 said @ Fri Jun 4, 2004 @ 12:48pm
Slammer virus needs to kill more people !
» Deadfunk said @ Thu Jun 3, 2004 @ 5:07pm
jespere pouvoir yaller.. au pire thierry jtaiderai pour la deco =P
» TiEsT0 said @ Thu Jun 3, 2004 @ 10:29am
hARd aS fUCk LOL beau nom de rave???
» zorbinegirl said @ Wed Jun 2, 2004 @ 3:22pm
Slammer Virus!!! YEAH!!! :DDD
» Metzen said @ Sun May 30, 2004 @ 8:28pm
Hard Trance WOOT!
» BobGratton said @ Sat May 29, 2004 @ 2:30am
» daFTWin said @ Fri May 28, 2004 @ 10:38pm
what kind of questions is that??
» Flakie_P said @ Fri May 28, 2004 @ 10:17pm
Don't you like pussy Thierry???
» El_Presidente said @ Fri May 28, 2004 @ 3:15pm
dont be a pussy! support your scene!