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Events Calendar - June 2, 2007
Shakti Collective presents Kids of the '80s: TICON Live [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Time:Sat Jun 2, 2007 @ 10:00pm till Sun Jun 3, 2007 @ 7:00am
Promoter:Shakti Collective
Description:Proud to bring another legendary trance act to Toronto, the Shakti Collective presents:

kids of the ‘80s

TICON Live (Digital Structures, Sweden)
[ www.ticonmusic.com ]

Filip Mårdberg and Fredrik Gilenholt form one of the world’s most successful and electrifying live shows in the progressive/psychedelic trance scene. With a deep background in the techno scene they started playing around with their computer in 1995 and this step brought them along many paths they hadn’t dreamed of. Along the way their amateur dabblings became the acclaimed production standards we hear today, with an exquisite feeling for sounds and percussion.

Their unique style walks the thin line between trance and psytrance with crossover excursions on both sides. Their music varies from the floorfilling to the hipswinging funky but they all emit the Ticon sound and the message to be happy and to be loosin it to the music.

With acclaimed releases Rewind (2001), Aero (2003), Zero Six After (2005) and hit tracks like U Make Me Wanna Drink more, Ticon is preparing their 4th full album. Get prepared for the enthralling sounds of Ticon as they make their debut performance in Toronto!

EKOPLEX Live (Aurora Boreal Records, Montreal)
[ www.ekoplex.engram.ca ]

Ray Vincent started out playing in bands and an interest in messing with gear and electronic equipment. Then he discovered the world of techno and fell in love with electronic music. It only made sense to start writing it. When Ray discovered psytrance he had found his home. Now after a few years of playing live shows he has honed his skills on getting the dance floor movin’ and groovin’. His music is best described as dark atmospheric psytrance that rolls along at a fast pace tempo. He has played at parties in Toronto and Montreal, including the Eclipse Festival in 2006. Get ready for Ekoplex to rock his hometown.

Quietly Quivering
plan b (shakti)
Lexicon (shakti, Metamystix)
Shankar (shakti, tribal Vision)

lunatixx art (montreal)
tomasz ciesla (toronto)

VJ Guy
Ivy Grrl
Saturday June 2nd, 10pm-7am
Crosstown, 178 Bathurst (at Queen)

$25 dollars in advance, more at the door

Tickets will be on sale at the following location starting next week:
Shanti Baba (546 Queen Street West)
Moog Audio (442 Queen Street West)
2 The Beat (191 Spadina Avenue)

For more information email shakticollective@gmail.com

[ www.shakticollective.com ]
Room 1:
DJ Lexicon - www.myspace.com

Deco Artists: lunatixx art
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Events Calendar - June 2, 2007
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