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Events Calendar - October 28, 2006
Diseased Epiglotic Acid Discharge [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Oct 28, 2006 @ 8:00pm
Location:look at the flyer dickbrain
Description:In the tradition of last year's massive success Cankered Meat Pile, Level 4 Productions present the 2006 Halloween shits at the lab, Diseased Epiglotic Acid Discharge.

Don't show up if we hate you, we will beat you with a spiked bat and chain your mangled vinegar-soaked body to the bottom of a city bus, leaving shredded remnants of your pathetic former self scattered willy nilly across the main thoroughfares of Montreal.. No cover! 10pm till? (ending only when all liquids have been consumed) Montreal's best DJs pitted against their respective nemesi in a merciless battle to the putrified, rotting death.

Corey K (drum and bass) vs Mr Vain (90s dance),
Sarcastic (part-e muzik) vs Karl Marx (hardcore east coast hip hop),
Rotoloco (breaks) vs Rhys Taylor (vocal, italo and assorted cheese ie. Lady Sovereign and MIA),
Kilobyte ("real" electro) vs Chilly Willy (buddy miles records to squaredance to),
Freebass (frankie bones and old josh wink tracks) vs Necrogurgitator (brutal technical gore grind and death metal).

No cover @ 1830A Ste-Catherine #1. PLUR ROAR !onelove

[ www.level4productions.com ]
Room 1:
Chilly Willy
Corey K - thesession.ca - The Session
Karl Marx - www.mixcloud.com - Level 4 Productions
Kilobyte - www.level4productions.com - Level 4 Productions
Mr. Vain
Rhys Taylor
Sarcastic - www.djsarcastic.bandcamp.com - Level 4 Productions, Standard Re
Tickets:0.00 - free
Extras:repeat: R.O.A.R
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Events Calendar - October 28, 2006
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» blop
» Corey_K
» Lady
» Toltech
Contributing Members: » doc_funk (74)
Member Comments
» Corey_K said @ Sat Oct 28, 2006 @ 3:16pm
avert your eyes children.
» Czarkastik said @ Fri Oct 27, 2006 @ 8:29pm
10-11:45 charlz mansn & jim leahy- hip hop and brutal technical grind death 11:45-12:45 hunter s. thompson - doom-haus 12:45-1:45 mr vain & rabbi klodaberg- early 90s shiza 145-230 michel "too cool to dress up for halloween" thouin - reggae/dancehall 230-330 rhys taylor & rotoloco vs. ravy gravy - breakbeat terrorplexossomy 330 ++ sarcastic n freebass tag - part-e dance muzik