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Events Calendar - November 25, 2006
Techno Church 2 [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Time:Sat Nov 25, 2006 @ 9:00pm till Sun Nov 26, 2006 @ 9:00am
Description:<b>Underdog Entertainment</b> [ ] Presenents <u><b>Techno Church II</b></u>
Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Venue is in a real church.
Venue TBA 24 Hrs in advance via infoline (1.888.RAVE.050), official website [ ] [ xvi.com ] and [ rave.ca ]

Flyer/Full Details TBA soon!

18+ licensed drinking room.
16+ mainroom. (Recommended 18+ due to mature content)

Large emphasize on Visual Arts:
4 live artists, 2 imported from Montreal
Largest lazer crew in the region of Outaouais, Chikaboom! providing visuals in mainroom

VJ in the chill room
Two entirely separate Deco crews, one for each room.

Ritual of Fire outdoors:
On the strike of midnight the Ritual of Fire will be performed, involving free form fire breathing, fire staffing, fire poi, fire juggling, and more.

<u><b>:::::::MAIN ROOM:::::::</b></u>

<b>Paladin 5.1</b> – Origins unknown – Synthetix Recordings - [ darkandhard.ca ]

The future is now! The P.A.L.A.D.I.N project is a unique hardstyle / dark and hard trance Live performance, with a show that rivals such creative acts as Rabbit in the Moon, Crystal Method and the Orb. North america's most respected publications described him as "more fun than an amusement park". Paladin eclipses the every day dj or live PA by utilizing a fully integrated audio/visual system that incorporates all aspects of the dj , Live PA , and vj. His Advanced Technological suit consists of cybergenic lighting and laser system, Visual screened chest plate, Night Vision cameras and Much more.

<b>Drastik</b> – Three Time Canadian DMC Champion – Stylusts [ www.myspace.com ]
- Drastik has been dj'ing for 8 years and in that time has proven himself as one of Canada's top DJ's (Canadian DMC Champ). More than just a battle DJ, Drastik is also known as a versatile club DJ playing everything from RnB and Soul to Baltimore Club and HipHop. Drastik will be showcasing battle skills.

<b>Lou Cypher Project</b> – [ loucypherproject.com ] - Nu Energy, Synthetix, Blizzard Tracks
Ottawa Hard Acid Trance Live PA Legends, with Live Visuals!

In November 2001, the Lou Cypher Project arose from the ashes of a world reeling from a cataclysmic reality check. With DJ S4 and Agent1475 looking to forge a new dimension in electronic music, they fused audio and synced visuals to create a new form of mind assault. A medium fused with sinister overtones and dark pulsating undercurrents. The music is hard and dark with layers upon layers of insane builds and hard driving riffs and leads. A hybrid of the many schools of hard hitting styles, the duo is pushing toward a new type of trance with aggression as the driving force. Although this music is purely Hard Trance, don't be shocked to hear some thrashing guitars and live drumming and percussion in some of there tracks and live performances. The Lou Cypher Project live performance is intended to present a mind-boggling look at the world we live in and lend eye to possible futures that await. Expect to be shocked and amazed as they take you on a trip trough the darkest side of live trance music. They are currently working on numerous releases with various labels such as Synthetix Records on the Nu Energy Label Collective, and their own project, HEADBANG RECORDS.


Forward To The Past / N.W.O. 2003 (12") Synthetix 2003
Plague / Famine (12") Synthetix 2003
The Human Race / Burn An X (12") Synthetix 2003

<b>Iszoloscope</b> – Montreal – [ www.iszoloscope.net ] – Signed to: Ant-Zen, Spectre Records, YB 70 & Ad Noiseam.
Breakcore/Industrial Live PA, coming straight off of a European tour!

Iszoloscope is an industrial band from Aylmer, Quebec, currently based in Montreal. Iszoloscope's music ranges from harsh, rhythmic noise to ambient soundscapes. The band has performed at Germany's Maschinenfest festival and released several albums and EPs on the Ant-Zen record label.

Iszoloscope was created in 1999, when Yann Faussurier and François Bénard met while working at a radio station as DJs. Bénard left the radio field just before the release of their first record, Coagulating Wreckage, and Faussurier has continued the project ever since.


Coagulating Wreckage (CD) Spectre 2001
Coagulating Wreckage (Limited Edition) (CD + 7") Spectre 2001
Aquifère (CD) Nautilus (2) 2002
The Blood Dimmed Tide (CD3") Spectre 2002
Au Seuil Du Néant (2xCD) Ant-Zen 2003
Do America (CD5") Ad Noiseam 2003
This Monstrosity Is Part Of My Fibric (LP) Ant-Zen 2003
Les Gorges Des Limbes (CD) Ant-Zen 2004
Split (CD5") Yb70 2004
The Audient Void (CD) Ant-Zen 2005

<b>Pymo</b> – Quebec City – [ Kanibalz.com ] [ profile.myspace.com ]
Breakcore/Terrorcore Live PA

C'est a l'âge de 15 ans que j'ai découvert la musique électronique. Tout de suite attiré par les sons lourds du hardcore, j 'ai particulièrement accroché sur des noms tel Micropoint, Hellfish ou Pain Alliance. Mon style se décrit comme étant lourd et rapide avec beaucoup de distorsion, un heureux mélange de terrorcore et breakcore. Aussi j'ai comme passion les sonorités enjouées du UK hardcore. Grâce à beaucoup d'efforts, j'ai eu la chance de jouer aux côtés de mes plus grands idoles musicaux: Manu le Malin, Hellfish, Scott Brown, Radium et Hixxy.Mes prestation ne se font qu en live

De plus, ayant toujours exploré les extrêmes de la musique, j'ai développé mes sonorités ambiant sous le pseudonyme de Mypo, un projet exclusivement rattaché à la composition. Finalement, vous pouvez aussi m'entendre à l'occasion comme MC avec mon beau micro.

S4 - HeadBang Records
Dark ‘n Dirty Drum ‘n Bass!

Be Alive / Inverted Reality (12") Nu Energy 2003
Hellbound / Shake The Room (12") Blizzard Tracks 2003
The Human Race / Burn An X (12") Synthetix 2003
I Came For You / Right Now (12") Blizzard Tracks 2004
Hellbound (Tazz & Shanty Remix) (MP3) Blizzard Tracks Digital 2006
Irish Revenge (MP3) Blizzard Tracks Digital 2006
Trash Talk (MP3) Blizzard Tracks Digital 2006

Deedot - Sundaze
Breaks vs. Techno
The legendary oldschooler Deedot laying down a traditional oldschool morning breakbeat set and battling it against Crunchy techno with a bit of that scratch magic.


Phunktokta – [ onaversal.ca ] [ www.myspace.com ]
Minimal Techno Madness.

Smart Set
Pure distortion from one of the riders of the city’s most underground party crew, with a live visual act accompanying the dancefloor and him through the skull-grinding madness.

Rob Black feat vocalist Mandiee Rose
3-deck super set!
Mashup sounds ranging from glitch, trip hop, breakbeat, breakcore, oldschool electro/techno, and acid house with flavours of turntablism, and self-Mcing.

Mandiee Rose is a phenomenal vocalist who can hold her pitch in key for bars on end, then drop it down into a few quick rhymes, or flat out bust it out hip hop styles. She will raise the energy of the party up to the next level with her performance.

D-Mise vs. Rob Black
Scratch Battle!
A battle of two journeymen, scratching their way to the top. Who will be the winner? The crowd will decide.

D-Mise – House That Rave Built
Nothing says goodbye quite like a speedcore set at 9am.

Dicey – Big Shovel Sound Kru
Ragga jungle/Breakcore.

<b><u>:::::::Room Two: (With Drinking, 18+ w/ ID only):::::::</b></u>

CPI - [ thetastates.com ] - Divergence.
Downtempo, Ambient, Experimental

Lunar - SSUN
Chillout, Trip Hop

Smart Set
Dancehall, Dub

<b><u>:::::::Live Artists:::::::</b></u>

<b>Kina</b> - <i>Montreal.</i>
[ www.kina-ink.com ]

<b>Ava aristeiA</b> - <i>Montreal</i>
[ profile.myspace.com ]

[ xvi.com ]

<b>Ninjon</b> - <i>Stealth Productions</i>
[ profile.myspace.com ]

<b><u>:::::::Performance Artists:::::::</b></u>

<b>Jesse Jordan</b> - Central Ontario - [ xvi.com ] - Contortionist!

<b>Phantastyk</b> - Montreal! - [ xvi.com ] - Two Man Circus Performances!

Shuttle bus to take you to and from the venue, leaving from the back of Rideau and Cumberland by the Loeb parking lot about every 90m.
All night. (9pm-9am)

Venue TBA 24 Hrs in advance via infoline (1.888.RAVE.050), official website [ ] [ xvi.com ] and [ rave.ca ]

Early Bird tickets - 15$
Regular tickets - 20$
Door - 25$
Note: Tickets will not be available until mid-October. (Estimated Oct. 17th, keep your eyes peeled, full details posted soon!)

5$ of every sale through the door is being donated towards charity.
Room 1:
Iszoloscope (Canada, Quebec, Montreal) - www.iszoloscope.net
Lunar (Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg)
Paladin (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Pymo (Canada, Quebec, Quebec) - www.kanibalz.com - Kanibalz, FLB
Lou Cypher Project - Nu Energy Records, Synthetix
Rob Black (Minimal / Glitch) - www.udent.info
Smart Set

Deco Artists: chikaboom laser
Extras:20$ enterence reserved at the door for out-of-towners on list. (15$ early bird, + 5$ donation to charity)

e-mail robvblack@hotmail.com or message Rob Black on [ rave.ca ] to get placed on list.
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Events Calendar - November 25, 2006
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Member Comments
» MaRtn said @ Tue Dec 5, 2006 @ 7:01am
had an awesome time ottawa rockd
» ThinkPinkBunny said @ Tue Nov 28, 2006 @ 12:34pm
Great time saturday night!! Woot Woot!
» Jamers said @ Sun Nov 26, 2006 @ 9:02pm
Had an amazing time at this event, everyone is so friendly in Ottawa!! Thanks and props to the producers on a killer party.
» Rob_Black said @ Sat Nov 25, 2006 @ 1:34am
Venue details and timeslots have been released. Check this thread in page two for the info: [ rave.ca ] Hype!
» Xevious said @ Sat Nov 25, 2006 @ 12:03am
Proud to be attending in my own town rave style!
» lucy said @ Fri Nov 24, 2006 @ 7:48pm
» humaloger said @ Thu Nov 23, 2006 @ 2:43am
In a church like back in the day in MTL...
» Particlefountain said @ Tue Nov 21, 2006 @ 6:28pm
awwwww Yeeeeeeah! ^_^
» FreeLotus said @ Mon Nov 20, 2006 @ 4:47pm
its gonna be fuckin sweet!!!
» HardCorpse said @ Tue Nov 14, 2006 @ 7:11pm
im coming of montreal to see you shann
» dark_kitty said @ Sat Nov 4, 2006 @ 5:20pm
i will be there... iszoloscope!? Pymo!? I'll be there for sure
» Pymo said @ Tue Oct 10, 2006 @ 6:29pm
hello 1 st time in ottawa some drill dirdy bass and and hard sound for you [ kanibalz.com ] for more info
» Sicatrix said @ Tue Oct 10, 2006 @ 12:16pm
Pymo in Ottawa? Sweeeet