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Plymouth Fury
Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» Rats replied on Wed Aug 19, 2015 @ 1:26am
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i need one other person for this project to Manifest live. i already have someone else with lighting and huge amps n speakers...i myself need a couple more pieces of gear and im good to go. need to hook up with a like-minded individual asap. i live out in the middle of bumf@#k nowhere 45 mins from Montreal and theres literally NOTHING out here cept the trees n the nature...which is great, waking up inna morning n going out into the air that doesnt smell like a cars @$$...but it aint really condusive to finding peeps for musical projects. here are a few samples of the project.

[ www.youtube.com ] Plymouth Fury - Vril Info Bomb 1.0

[ www.youtube.com ] Plymouth Fury - Drop The Base

[ soundcloud.com ] Plymouth Fury - Vril Info Bomb 2.0

[ soundcloud.com ] Plymouth Fury - Dirt In The Center (remix)

[ soundcloud.com ] video here ***WARNING*** graphic images 18+ underage = DO NOT CLICK! [ www.youtube.com ]

[ soundcloud.com ] Plymouth Fury - Inside Out

[ soundcloud.com ] Plymouth Fury - Warning

[ www.looperman.com ] Plymouth Fury - House Of Pain

thats a SMALL sample of what i have been up to...it started as a damn joke and now, well...is become something else. com here or send an email to shakehousecircusrecordings@gmail.com +1 347 903 8203 i need one other programmer onstage to take this live...and as i said, a couple other pieces of gear, including 2 sony tapecorder open-reel tape decks...actually a couple of old-school tube Wollensak would be better but good luck finding one lol
Plymouth Fury
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