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New Server
Good [+3]Toggle ReplyLink» Nuclear replied on Mon Sep 29, 2014 @ 6:27pm
Coolness: 2603865
Will be finished the setup in 2 days...

2x faster machine + SSD hard drives...

Will run the server and database off SSD hard drives. No more slowness. But next 2 days will be slow as 1TB copy from one server to the other...
I'm feeling nuclear right now..
Good [+3]Toggle ReplyLink» Nuclear replied on Wed Oct 1, 2014 @ 4:36am
Coolness: 2603865
All setup...
I'm feeling nuclear right now..
Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» El_Presidente replied on Wed Oct 15, 2014 @ 6:19pm
Coolness: 299205
Why bother? The only user was complaining about the speed of the site? Haha
I'm feeling the president right now..
New Server
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