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Drugz Are Bad
Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» Gamos replied on Thu Oct 17, 2013 @ 11:27pm
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I use to think this was the best scene ever. It use to be all about Peace. And Love. And Unity. And Respect. And music. And costumes. And amazing experiences with awesome people. I still love the events, and going with friends and having amazing adventures. In a sense this scene saved my life. But maybe it saved mine just to kill others. I don't consider myself jaded. I'm just really sad. I've become a realist - Time makes the tint on the rose colored glasses wear off

Remember all those stories we use to hear about people who got in too deep? Those who went down the proverbial rabbit hole into wonderland and never came back up? They ended up on the street. Or in debt to drug dealers for ridiculous sums of money. Or worked their way up to crack or meth. Or started dating the sketchiest guys. Or started dealing drugs. Or became the people who mixed 8 different drugs together 3 days a week searching for teh high they would never achieve again, all while burning off 40 billion brain cells a night.

I remember hearing those stories, and thinking "That won't happen to us. We're not degenerates" At the begining, you didn't notice the people, or if you did, recognized them as "that sketchy dude or cracked out chick in their mid to late 20s." And at 18, they're just kinda an inconvience. We didn't talk to those sketch bags.

And then at 19 and 20, it wasn't us, but a friend of that older friend we had. That 25 y/o girl was so much fun, but she had this really sketchy friend named Joel. He was always such a mess.

At 22, it was a friend of ours, but a friend that was a few years older, and one we met in a rave, and had some fun with once upon a time. A rave friend. You didn't really know them that well, and they were nice, but you weren't comfortable enough with the friendship to say anything. And its sad, but by that point, the mindset was "such is life in the rave scene." So many rave friends have disapeared one day never to be seen again, and new one entered. It was kind of like a circle of life.

And now in our mid-20s, its us. First its our friends. Then it hits our inner circle. It becomes our best friends. Our ex-gfs. Our ex-bfs. People we love. People we shared amazing experiences with. People we care and know intimately. People we would go to the end of the world for. Its the most painful thing in the world when it hits home. Cuz then you see your friends fucking up your best friends, and your best friends fucking up your friends. As soon as they think their out, they get drawn back in. And you see them struggling, and hurting themselves and hurting each other, and you can't say anything. Because its not just a friend. Its about her friends. Its bout your entire circle. Its a way of life. To a large extent, its all we know.
I'm feeling a overhang right now..
Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» M-A-X replied on Fri Oct 18, 2013 @ 1:41am
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I understand your feelings.

Well, first, it's part of life. The sooner you realize this, the better you'll feel.

If I can do a cross-reference between your example and my own; In the army, people stay at the same place for more or so 3 years, after they left, go to "reg force" or go to another place and younger one's take their places (then this circle happen again). I really miss some of them today but IT'S THEIR PATH OF LIFE. The same thing happened with most of my "rave friends" here.

Like you, I still enjoy going to parties with friends today (well, the one's that still there). But when I compare with the past times, like when I started, I feel something isn't right or missing. I don't know how but this really affect my thought time to time.

Yes some people have gone too deep, some of them never came back. What we can do anyway?!

The thing WE can do is, carry their legacy, the positive one's and our positive thoughts too and maybe it will influence others to do the same. Whatever if you want it or not, the scene evolved (was evolving and still evolving). It's a thing that old ravers like us need to do.

PLUR is still alive in my hearth and will always be, even if it become irrelevant to the ravers of today.


Oh yeah!!!
I'm feeling like frikkin lazers! right now..
Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» DrGonzo replied on Fri Oct 18, 2013 @ 1:30pm
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Have another pill.
I'm feeling fire penguin disco panda right now..
Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» the_rider replied on Tue Oct 29, 2013 @ 12:32pm
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Drugz Are Bad
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