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Exposure Fridays - World Health Edition - April 9th
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For this month's edition of Exposure we'll be getting down to the sounds of some wicked minimal, tech-house, and techno beats, and we are promoting World Health Day which takes place on April 7th!

World Health Day 2010 will focus on urbanization and health. With the campaign "1000 cities - 1000 lives", events will be organized worldwide calling on cities to open up streets for health activities. Stories of urban health champions will be gathered to illustrate what people are doing to improve health in their cities.

More info: [ www.who.int ]



EMM [Synergy Canada]
[ www.synergyraves.com ]

From his legendary sets alongside Infected Mushroom, to opening for the world's greatest djs such as Sander Van Doorn, Markus Schulz, Rank 1, and Eddie Halliwell, Emm has had an illustrious career that has spanned over 100 shows and has taken him across Canada and the United States. While best known for his energetic and uplifting trance sets, his love of music and eclectic tastes have been entrenched in his 6 year career through residencies with both rave heavyweight Synergy Canada and clubber institution Heaven Nightclub. His recent dark and techy opening set for Sander Van Doorn showcased his talent for diversity, and more can be expected at this minimal/tech edition of Exposure!

LUC LABELLE [BPM Afterhours, GV Management]
[ www.luclabelle.ca ]

Luc Labelle is a well established DJ in the Ottawa electronic dance music scene. Luc started playing records in 2001 and like most starting djs it was just for fun, in his basement and house parties. Soon enough it turned into an addiction and he found himself spending most of his free time playing. After his first appearance at Sundaze Afterhours for Up-N-Cummers, Luc secured his first residency. The big room experience definitively altered his style and brought more edge to it. Luc has played alongside names such as DJ Preach, Luke Native, Fred Miller, Jerome Robins, Steve “bear” Sas, Stéfane Lippé, and Eddy Jasmin. Now living in Montreal and working in association with GV management, Luc has kept a residency in the Ottawa/Gatineau region at BPM after hours, but is working his way into the Montreal scene.


w/ a special tag set from DJs:

DACID [Deep Frequency Fusion]

Dacid, an Ottawa area resident, has been part of the techno & tech house scene for well over a decade. With a DJ career spanning 4 years, Dacid has played events such as MTL&Co, Pier House, Sunrise, and more. Recently a finalist in the Sunrise Up-N-Comers DJ Competition, and now a resident for ever so popular DFF, Dacid has shown that his skill has grown exponentially in the last few years. In this year of 2010 he plans to bring his dark bouncy sound to the masses with more DJ gigs and future production releases, so keep an eye (or should I say "ear") out. Expect nothing but fun and heavy techno goodness from this great DJ.



Jimmy has been DJ'ing in the Ottawa electronic music scene for three years now, and has brought his unique sound to clubs such as MTL & Co, Pier House, Exposure, and Sunrise Afterhours. He was a finalist in the 2009 Recognition DJ Competition, and recently a semi-finalist in Sunrise's Up-N-Comers DJ Competition. You can expect to see more of Jimmy in 2010 and beyond as he looks to expose his bouncy tech house sound to even more people across the city.


Opening set by:

JIMMY STRIP [BPM Afterhours]

Mr. Strip started DJing about a year and a half ago and has already played alongside such names as Danny Torrence, Pat Cara, Michel Simard, Cesar Bass Romero, Dr Phil, Davy Pacheco, and Max Julien. He's played in such clubs as Parliament Ultra Club, NV, Sotto, and Lotus here in Ottawa, and has also played in Montreal at clubs such as The Chill, Overground Afterhours, and MP3. Now a resident at BPM in Hull, Jimmy can be heard by Ottawa and Quebec partiers fairly regularly. Expect a great warm up set from this incredibly fast growing DJ.


Art by:


"There's a saying which states that 'the pen is mightier than the sword,' this can only mean that the brush is even more powerful."

Art has always been an important and significant part of Paige K. Fletcher’s life. Paige started painting at the age of eleven and has broadened her creative artistic ability using different mediums over the years. She is a proud student of The Ottawa College of Art practicing fine arts. Some of her biggest influences are: painters Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher, sculptors Peter Camani (who throws a festival every year known as "Harvest", and David Clendining (her sculpture teacher who is local and is responsible for a number of statues in Ottawa). Paige’s favourite types of art include ceramics, painting of all types (especially using ultra-violet paints), jewelry, clothing and doll making. She also does live shows, commissions, portraiture and reproductions of famous art.


Lotus Lounge
222 Slater
$6 cover
19+ w/ID
Exposure Fridays - World Health Edition - April 9th
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