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Anishnabe Festival 2009 ~ August 28, 29, 30
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Come experience and share in a beautiful community.
An event to enrich and delight ones senses and spirituality.
Sounds and sights for all ages and appetites.

The Fourth Fire celebrates the coming together of individuals to share in our art, culture, music and knowledge.

Home and Host:

Whispering Pines Camp Ground
spring fed Lake with Beach
food vendors
children's play ground
family camping area

Zoltan’s Sound Stage:

Seb ~ Montreal / manadala sound & light

Shango ~ Quebec / neurovortex

Mimsey Demon ~ Ottawa / tundra

Hexa-5 ~ Ottawa / fak-tundra

Plan B ~ Toronto / shakti collective

Ekoplex ~ Peterborough / oya collective

Shipwreck ~ Ottawa / fak-tundra

Psycronik ~ Gatineau / fak-tundra

Mark PsyKick ~ Ottawa / 7th harmonic

CQDX ~ Ottawa / CHUO radio-20 hertz records

Gnosis ~ Peterborough / oya Collective

Zen ~ Inverness / alter-records

Shankar ~ Toronto / shakti collective

Data Decay ~ Ottawa / fak-tundra

Br3ath3 ~ Montreal / nexus media, vision records

Absolute ~ Montreal /
[ www.myspace.com ]

Machine Elf ~ Peterborough / oya collective

Ron Jon ~ Peterborough / oya collective

Jeff Mk Ultra ~ Montreal / 20 hertz records

Clone ~ Ottawa / fak-tundra, materia rec

Alison Wonderland ~ Ottawa / 7th Harmonic

Koda ~ Ottawa /7th harmonic

+ Special live performances

Sharing Circle:

Anishnabe will host some fantastic workshops. Here a few:

Shamanic Healing Tools: An experiential workshop
With Catherine Moon Lynx and Rob Night Wolf
Participants will be introduced to using feathers, fans, crystals and tuning forks to realign the physical and energy bodies. We will teach about the 10 chakras.

Kripalu Yoga Dance
With Tara Porter
Kripalu Yoga Dance is a unique approach to movement, combining the time honoured traditions of yoga and dance. Born from Kripalu Yoga, it is meditation in motion as it uses the joy of movement to tone muscles, build flexibility, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. This class boosts self awareness and esteem within a safe and supportive community - for everybody and every body!

Living Lightly
Errol Melançon and guest speaker
Living Lightly means seeking a personally fulfilling and enriching way of life that makes a positive impact on our environment, our community and society, and inspires others to want to join us. Presentation of Living Lightly Movie and fooled by a short discussion.

The Lost Art of Real Belly Dance
with Divine Image Dance Comp. and dance artist Mystique
A sensual dance that uplifts the body and mind to re-explore one’s self and the universe around them. This dance workshop explores the ancient art of Belly Dance in a supportive and fun environment that allows the creative dancers to come out. Enjoy the journey of rediscovering the magnificence of your body, by learning some dance movements. Learn why this art came to be and how it is specially designed to strengthen and promote wellness in women. Bring something shiny or goddess inspired to wear and water! Love that Body!

Children’s Yoga with Amanda Porter
Using song, yoga posture stories, sound and games, discover the joy and fun yoga can be! For all ages, accompanied by a parent.

Dancing the Divine Matrix: Sacred Geometry in Dance with Cosmo Guffa
Experience dancing de-light ! Activate your star body with exercises developed to align ones body to sacred geometic forms, the divine blueprint from which all is created. Guided activities leading to a free exploration of space for all.

Mud on the Go
with artists Alison te Braak and Isabelle-Eliane Bernier
Paint your own earthenware bowls, cups, plates, tiles, and wildlife figurines. Let your creativity flow and fine motor skills grow. Fun for all ages. (supplementary cost for eatherware)

Mayan Tarot Readings
With Moon Lynx
Two types of readings are available: A Wheel of Life reading examines your inner balance in the 8 aspects of Self. This includes spiritual, physical, emotional and mental balance, your connection to your higher self, your dreams, karma and how you are moving in your life. This reading looks ahead one season. (supplementary cost)
A Book of Life reading connects with your Soul's purpose and evolution in this lifetime. You get a look at the challenges in the year ahead and suggestions about how to have the greatest learning, growth and potential in the next phase of your life. (supplementary cost)

There will also several sunrise and sunset ceremonies... more info to follow.

More Info on Workshops, Music and Venue –
[ www.sacredcycles.ca ]

Deco By Local Area Artists and Performers
Projections by Weird Life Prosuctions
Sound by Weird Life, 7th Harmonic and Whispering Pines


First 50 = $25
51-150 = $30
151+ = $35
Door = $50

Children 7-13 = $10

Workshop Day Passes
see website for info ~ [ www.sacredcycles.ca ]

Available at:
Norml Clothing - 184 Rideau St, Ottawa
Psychonaut - 154 Prince Arthure Est, Montreal
Online ~ [ www.sacredcycles.ca ]

Venue is in Curran, Ontario, (halfway between Ottawa(1hr) and Montreal(1.5hr) off the 417)

More info to come:

[ www.sacredcycles.ca ]

[ www.facebook.com ]
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Anishnabe Festival 2009 ~ August 28, 29, 30
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