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Bring The Noise
Good [+1]Toggle ReplyLink» Adrenalin replied on Wed Aug 9, 2006 @ 4:49pm
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All Techno Internet Radio Show
[ www.techno.fm ]
12pm - 3pm (5pm - 8pm U.K. time)

August 13:

Rogue will no longer be doing Hard Dance every other week for the show, so I'm back to doing the show every week and it's back to being all techno.

ADRENALIN (Route 66/Techno.fm - USA):

It's been a while since I've DJ'd on my own show, so I'll be opening the first hour this week.

MITA (Concrete DJs - Serbia):

Well known as part of the amazing Concrete DJ's, Mita, who has been on BRING THE NOISE in the past, has supplied me with a great recent mix that you will want to tune in for! Be sure to check his site: [ www.concretedjs.com. ]

PATRICK DSP (Hardsignal/Hydraulix/Cluster, etc. - Canada):

Patrick DSP, known for his diversity, skill & powerful DJ sets, as well as Live PA's, lays it down hard and tight on this new mix. With several new releases set to hit the streets, be sure to check out his website for further info: [ www.patrickdsp.com. ]

NOTICE: ALL the music that is broadcast on BRING THE NOISE is either submitted by the artist or the artist has given permission to run a particular mix or recording on the show.

Coming Up On BTN:

DARC MARC – Exclusive monthly resident mix the 2nd Sunday of each month!
MARK EG - Exclusive mix from Blackout Audio Rec. owner and DJ/producer madman!
D.A.V.E. the Drummer - Exclusive mix from the techno legend coming soon!!!!

The FAT COLLECTIVE Special Series:
Part I – Giveway Edition
w/ Scott Kemix & Pheeva - Broadcast Date TBC
Part II – More Punk Than Funk Edition
w/ JoeGiacomet + more TBC - Broadcast Date TBC
Part III – Kick The Drum Edition
w/ Distek, Mucky Beats + more TBC - Broadcast Date TBC

Also, mixes by: Matt K., Opel, Dave the Drummer, DJ Ocram, Matt M.
Maddox, Rhythm Technologies, Rackitt, Michael Wenz, Aka Sleeper, Rowland The Bastard, Product 19, & more!
More to be announced soon. To get your track or mix on BRING THE NOISE, contact: info@route66promotions.com
Remember....KEEP IT HARD!
"> ]
Bring The Noise
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