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Title:Dee facts by Gamos
Posted On:2008-03-05 08:22:57
Posted By:» DrGonzo
Dee facts:

Dee doesnt watch movies on blu-ray. She watches them on regular dvd

Dee makes Vanilla Ice want to cream

Dee climbs mountains just to rave on top of them

Dee doesnt wear make-up. She wears make-down

Dee once drank more than 500mL of Red Bull in a day. And she survived

Dee invented maple syrup

Dee taught Harry Potter how to ride a bike

Ronald McDonald has Dee on speed-dial

Dee doesnt need skittles to taste the Rainbow

Dee doesnt get her drugs from shoppers drug mart

Dee is addicted to rainbows

Dee knows to call Ghostbusters. And she doesnt even drive a school bus

Dee got Victoria pregnant. And then told her a secret
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